10 Ways To Speed Up Windows 7 And Make It Blazing Fast!

How to Speed Up Windows 7So, one of the most asked questions I hear is how do I actually speed up Windows 7? If you want to make your OS really faster, read this article with links to many of our most extensive guides and registry tweaks

Introduction: How to make Windows 7 faster then?

Most guides will tell you to turn off all the Windows Aero features and use no background wallpaper. That’s not useful, that’s more like a trade-off, because who wouldn’t want a nice desktop? And AeroSnap is really useful! I agree that you can get some more performance by doing this, but it’s not worth it if you are not on a netbook. If you think you don’t need a “fancy” desktop, then feel free to do it anyway and adjust your PC for best performance (link below).

First, let’s think about it .. what is really consuming a lot of CPU and memory? Right! All the services that are running in the background all the time.

Speed Up Games:

There are many ways to make your favorite video games fast. We have a bunch of nice guides on making Diablo 3 faster or Planetside 2

Faster Applications & File Transfer

File transfers can become quite slow, as usual the hard drive is the bottleneck of every PC – it is well worth the investment to buy a SSD for a greater disk performance, but there are some tools you can use to make the file transfer faster

Notebook Users:

If you’re on a laptop or netbook, there are a bunch of tips you can follow:

Speed Up Windows 7 Netbook

1 Speed Up Your Boot Up Time

If you are annoyed by a slow starting computer (slow boot time) there are a bunch of things you can try

Try ReadyBoost:

2 Adjust Windows 7 For Best Performance (netbooks only)

Adjusting for best performance may change your computer appearance. It is a good idea to shut down backgrounds programs and stop services running in the background instead if you don’t want to change the visual appearance of your computer

1. Step Hit Start
2. Step Enter “SystemPropertiesPerformance” into the search field, hit enter
3. Step Select “Adjust for best Performance” or at least uncheck the first two entries

3 Turn off services and boost your Windows 7 gaming performance!

To turn off all those unnecessary services we use a tool called “GameBooster”, it’s obviously only one of the ways to do it, but it’s a lot faster than doing it manually. You can temporarily stop all services (that are not required) while you play. Best of all, you can even edit the services list with just a couple clicks and add more services to get even more performance.

Download Gamebooster

Boost Windows 7 Gaming Performance with GameBooster

Boost Windows 7 Gaming Performance with GameBooster

To add any other services, click on “Options”-”Edit Service List”. Now, simply add any services using this format: RemoteRegistry=1

What other services should I add to this list?
Computer Browser (Browser=1)
Protected Storage (ProtectedStorage=1)
Remote Registry (RemoteRegistry=1)
Secondary Logon (seclogon=1)
Security Center (wscsvc=1)
Themes (Themes=1)
Windows Errors Reporting Service (WerSvc=1)
Windows Media Center Service Launcher (ehstart=1)
Windows Search (WSearch=1)
Windows Time (W32Time=1)

4 Speed Up Boot Time

Update 04/21: This tweak does not seem to have great effects on your boot time. Instead use a startup programs manager for Windows 7 and remove as many startup programs as you possibly can.

Do you have a dual-core or quad-core processor? Great, let’s lower the boot time of Windows 7:

1. Step Click on Start, enter “msconfig” into the search field
2. Step Open the “boot” tab
3. Step Click on Advanced
4. Step Check “Number of proccessors” and select “2″ or “4″ from the dropdown menu. (obviously, you can only select it if you have a dual-core/quad-core).

Speed Up Windows 7 Boot

Speed Up Windows 7 Boot

Full Image

5 Speed up Windows 7: Change Taskbar Thumbnail Preview Time

1. Step Click on Start, enter “regedit” into the search field.
2. Step Goto: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse

Speed Up Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Preview

Speed Up Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Preview

3. Step Double-click on “MouseHoverTime” and change the value to 100 or lower:

Change the mouse hover time to 100 or lower

Change the mouse hover time to 100 or lower

4. StepVoilà, your thumbnail previews should appear a lot faster now. For another great tweak to speed up the Windows 7 taskbar, click here.

6 Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Time

1. Step Open the registry editor (enter regedit into search field)
2. Step Go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control”
3. StepLower the value (12000 is the default value = 12 seconds) to a value of your choice

Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown

7 Speed Up Application Access – Increase your productivity

First of all create a folder “QuickStart” somewhere on your PC. Right-click on your taskbar:

Locate the folder “QuickStart” (you just created the folder so yo should know where it is) and then click “Ok”. You are almost done, but we don’t want that ugly text on our taskbar that is using a lot of space, turn it off:

Right-click on the new toolbar and uncheck “Show Text” and “Show Title”! Now drag the toolbar to the left until it’s below the main icons and you will have something like this:

8 Try ReadyBoost

Ok, now all unnecessary services are stopped. What would be the next logical step? When AMD and Microsoft were not able to increase the CPU power significantly any more, they simply added more CPU’s, that’s why we have dual and quad-core CPU’s nowadays. So, what you can do is to get more RAM. However, we don’t want to buy anything new, because we’re on a low budget. Although, I am sure that you own an USB-stick , right?

Since Windows Vista there is a little feature, that most people do NOT use effectively. To be honest with you, I haven’t used it myself and I might run into errors while I try to show it to you. The feature is called ReadyBoost and can give you up to 6% more performance. This depends on the amount of RAM you have. Low-End system with less RAM will see a great performance increase and many applications will load faster. Since Windows 7 there is no longer a memory limit of 4GB and you can use several devices for ReadyBoost.

1. Step Plugin your USB-stick
2. Step Move all your files on that stick into a folder on your hard drive to make room.
3. Step Start the Explorer (Windows + E), do a right-click on your drive and select properties.
4. Step Open the tab ReadyBoost and pick Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost. Click on Apply.
5. Step Repeat the steps 1-4 for all other devices (unlimited)

ReadyBoost - increase your performance by 4-6%

ReadyBoost – increase your performance by 4-6%

Ok, so we added a ReadyBoost device. Let’s see what it looks like:

ReadyBoost Cache (800MB)

ReadyBoost Cache (898MB)

On the drive you can find a cache file now that should be pretty big. I still had some other files on the stick, because this is my MP3-player.

9 Check ReadyBoost

What’s next? Right, did it really improve my performance or is a USB-stick (not even USB2.0) insufficient? First of all, I did a check to see if the ReadyBoost drive is working.

1. Step Goto “Start” – Enter “Performance” into the search field
2. Step Click on “Performance Monitor”
3. StepAdd “ReadyBoost Cache”

Add ReadyBoost Cache

Add “ReadyBoost Cache”

Full Image

I started the game “Command&Conquer Red Alert 3″. I thought if my drive is working, I should be able to see something now – and I was right: Click here to open the results in a new windows .

According to Tom Archer, your card is supposed to have the following requirements:
2.5MB/sec throughput for 4K random reads and 1.75MB/sec throughput for 512K random writes

Tom also put together a great list that will answer any question you might have about ReadyBoost, for example:

Q: Aren’t Hard Disks faster than flash? My HDD has 80MB/sec throughput. A: Hard drives are great for large sequential I/O. For those situations, ReadyBoost gets out of the way. We concentrate on improving the performance of small, random I/Os, like paging to and from disk.

Make sure to visit Tom’s Blog if you want to know anything about ReadyBoost.

10 Speed test your SD Card, CF Card, Flash Drive, HDD

Next, I downloaded a tool called “Crystal Disk Mark”, which is pretty cool to speed test your sd cards, flash drives and any other disk. In the meantime, I added my USB2.0 Card Reader, one 2GB CF Card and one 2GB SD Card (lucky me), because I was pretty sure that my MP3-Player wouldn’t perform very well.

Download Crystal Disk Mark

Unfortunately, the results were very close to the requirements, but still below:

Benchmark of my 2GB CF Card

Benchmark of my 2GB CF Card

Next, I tested my SD Card. I supposed it would be a lot slower – how wrong I was!

Benchmark of my 2GB SD Card

Benchmark of my 2GB SD Card

Last but not least, I tested my 1TB HDD to compare the three drives:

Benchmark of my 1TB HDD (Seagate 31000)

Benchmark of my 1TB HDD (Seagate 31000)

Conclusion? The SD card is performing really well and is my best choice for a ReadyBoost drive. Considering that I only have 2GB of RAM (dual channel), I think that this can increase my browsing speed. I usually have a lot of open tabs in firefox and as you might know firefox is eating a lot of resources, therefore I’m pretty happy about this setup now.

Can ReadyBoost really help me to boost my performance?

Is the performance boost notable? Well, it might be a bit early to comment on that, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is a good choice for low-end systems and systems with less RAM. On systems with more RAM than 1GB it will be only notable if you run some resource-hungry programs or programs that run a lot of small, random I/Os.

Do you want to dig a little more?
Read this article if you want to increase your storage card speed: Optimize Storage Card Speed

Know a tweak that should be on this list?

If you think you know a tweak that is worth mentioning, think about writing an article for us. We will reward you! Please bookmark, retweet and socialize if you think this guide is useful! Thanks!

Do benchmarks regularly!

You found a great tweak, but you don’t know how much it really boosts your performance? Do some benchmarks! I stumbled on a great benchmark software called “Performance Test” by “PassMark”, you can download it here, it fully supports Windows 7. It’s not as fancy as 3DMark, but the Directx10 demo isn’t too bad (I only had 1 fps on my machine).

Post your benchmarks on our forums and share your results with us!

One the next page you will find 5 tweaking tools to speed up Windows 7!

Tweaking Tools

There are many tools available aside from the great Game Booster. Many tools already support Windows 7. Here are the Top5:

1. Enhance MySe7en

Enhance My Windows
Secure Free Download Report broken: comment
Last Updated: 2013-05-15
Operating System: Windows 7/8
Filesize: 1.15 MB

Oliver Krautscheid rates Enhance My Windows Software 5 out of 5 stars - Some Pros and Cons:

One of the top picks. Great GUI and lots of possibilities to customize your system. Even advanced users can use this tool. For example, you might want to redefine the waiting time before your system kills an application – with this tool it’s possible.

Enhance MySe7en

2. TweakNow Power Pack 2009

TweakNow Power Pack
Secure Free Download Report broken: comment
Last Updated: 2013-05-15
Operating System: Windows 7/8
Filesize: 1.15 MB

Oliver Krautscheid rates TweakNow Power Pack Software 4 out of 5 stars - Some Pros and Cons:

This tools reminds me of the famous “Tweaking Utilites”. It includes much more than just tweaking tools. You can get more information about your system, clean your disk and access useful system settings directly through a very intuitive GUI.

TweakNow Power Pack 2009

3. Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker
Secure Free Download Report broken: comment
Last Updated: 2013-05-15
Operating System: Windows 7/8
Filesize: 1.15 MB

Oliver Krautscheid rates Ultimate Windows Tweaker Software 4 out of 5 stars - Some Pros and Cons:

The Ultimate Windows Tweaker offers some basic tweaking tools, for example to add more options to your context menu or to customize the Windows Explorer. This is only a very simple tweaking tool, but surely it can come in handy anyway.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

4. Windows 7 Manager

Windows 7 Manager
Secure Free Download Report broken: comment
Last Updated: 2013-05-15
Operating System: Windows 7/8
Filesize: 1.15 MB

Oliver Krautscheid rates Windows 7 Manager Software 4 out of 5 stars - Some Pros and Cons:

This tool is not freeware, but offers a lot of options to speed up your system. Actually it was the only one of the TOP5 that was not working properly after installing it. You will either have to end the process manually and start it again or reboot to use the tool. It’s GUI isn’t the best looking for a paid tool. Why is this tool on our TOP5? It has a lot of potential. Considering that it’s only a beta, there is still a lot of room for improvements. Still why would you pay for a tool, if *free* tools can do about the same? They will have to add something that is unique.

Windows 7 Manager

Windows 7 Manager

5. XdN Tweaker

XDN Tweaker
Secure Free Download Report broken: comment
Last Updated: 2013-05-15
Operating System: Windows 7/8
Filesize: 1.15 MB

Oliver Krautscheid rates XDN Tweaker Software 4 out of 5 stars - Some Pros and Cons:

Another very simple tool – if you want to customize a few settings only this is a good choice.

XdN Tweaker

XdN Tweaker

6. Speed Up Windows 7 With Glary Utilities

You can find an extensive review of the tweaking utility Flary Utilities here.

Speed Up Windows 7


Registry tweaks are a great way to speed up your computer:

Windows 7 Registry Tweaks

40 Registry Tweaks That Actually Work

4.3 of 5 0 (87%) 3 votes
- Cheers!

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Oliver is the founder and lead editor of this site. He is interested in finding new ways to break Windows, find common errors and help others to fix them. Aside from that, he loves to fully customize systems with Rainmeter and Dreamscene, find out more about ancient civilizations like the Chachapoya, sharpen his digital photography skills and create software with a small group of selected developers. If you would like to connect with him to discuss anything, send him a mail!

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    Actually, a “single CPU with 2 cores” is literally 2 CPU’s, the effect is the same as if you had the exact same 2 CPU’s, but split. This setting does help, I used to use it in Vista and it works. Dual Core = multiple CPU.

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    It’s really easy, just drag the dotted bar below your other icons. IMPORTANT: if you don’t increase the size of your taskbar there won’t be any room!! So, move your mouse over the taskbar borders and resize your taskbar to be larger (at least 2 rows). Then it should work.

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    As far as I’ve heard, Microsoft is only CONSIDERING increasing the 4G limitation in the future. However, considering the slim to no performance boost I doubt they will bother.

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    Thx 4 the tips. The Processor boot tip really worked for me, I am running an I7 core 920 and it reported 1 processor. Sooo, cranked it up to 8 and WOW. Boot in 1/2 the time now. Thx again.:-)
    Chrome is faster than Firefox, but if you really want to speed up your website loading, then I’d recommend Opera. Opera is the fastest browser at the moment. IE9 will be coming soon, could possibly be even faster.
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    Anyway, I’ll be adding some guides for SSD users soon (when I have my own SSD)

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    For safety, Glary Utilities works well without known damage. Any form of registry change is likely to have dangerous long-term consequences; had to trash several desktops over the years from routine use of CCleaner and various common tweaking programs, even after reinstalls of OS.

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    I’ve read above that and one of them is don’t try clean up registry if you want speed up windows 7 performance. I disagree, because clean up invalid registry will speed up the performance windows.
    GameBooster and ReadyBoost is best tool but there is one tool that mix utility GameBooster and ReadyBoost become one tool. That is TuneUp Utilities. I’ve tried this from version 2006 and now i’ve used the version 2012.
    TuneUp Utilities is tool that will clean up invalid registry, defragment registry, defragment your windows, speed up time starting and shutting windows, and much more with just one click. And for game mode there are turbo mode, the system is same like GameBooster, and for users netbooks and notebooks using batteries when going out there are economic mode that will saving energies for you batteries. It is easy to use.
    TuneUp Utilities wouldn’t endanger your windows like CCleaner. I recommended it for all.

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    Win 7 said:

    By changing the shutdown time can affect your computer in the long run
    causing problems because when activated every time you shutdown or restart your computer any programs open will be forced closed which can cause problems for the program that was closed

    don’t believe me? Enable event log and you will see for your self

  55. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    EyeAmN8 said:

    Good post! The combination of ready boost and Game Boost (done right) works really well! I run Adobe illustrator from Game Booster, and iTunes outside of it and my machine is going great! I can notice the difference in speed!

  56. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    oliversk said:

    I have updated the guide, still it is a little outdated so don’t expect miracles, we’ll work on a more up to date course on making Windows 7 faster soon

    Windows 8 is pretty much a lot faster on notebooks and all mobile devices so if you have a license already, go for it

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