Socl App Launches For Windows 8 Devices

On Monday, Microsoft brought out their social app Socl to Windows Phone 8 devices, and is expanding it soon to even more devices. The Socl or “social” app as it is called by many, is the experiment designed by Microsoft to build its social world, and now expands it to its Windows Phone devices.

The Socl app is Microsoft’s own social network, and while it is a smaller social universe, it has its own niche amongst Windows and Microsoft users. The free app which is now available to Windows Phone 8 users, is aimed to get mobile users using it more, and should help.

Microsoft Releases Socl App For Windows Phone 8 Phones

What Is Socl?

The Socl app from Microsoft is its own social network, and is aimed to be more of a collective set of social experiences for users. It lets users create, collect, and share items that they enjoy and love. Users can create photos, share media, and experiences in Socl posts, and use that to share on other social networks as well.

The Socl network is very well connected to all the major social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter. The Socl world is a smaller social network than the ones noted, but Microsoft has always said that it is an experiment rather than a project. With it bring it to mobile phones, it is expanding that Microsoft project even further.

Social Media Users Can Get Creative With Microsoft's New Socl Mobile App

Features Of The Socl Windows Phone App

With the brand new Socl Windows Phone 8 app, users can now create collages and memes within only a few seconds. Users can share their experiences on the Socl network, and then export them to other networks. The visual responses or Riffs as they are called, can also be added to existing content produced with the Windows Phone app.

Microsoft is also giving users the ability to snap pictures with their phones and share it on the Socl network, plus get notifications on their friends activities. Users of Socl with the new Windows Phone app can also organize their content into collections, and connect with other users of the Socl community. Microsoft is encouraging all Windows Phone 8 users to download it now.

I admit, I haven’t used Socl much, but might now. The Socl network needed a Windows Phone 8 app, and now it has one.

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