Show hidden (system) files in Windows 8

If you want to show hidden files or hidden system files in Windows 8, you should read this tutorial.

how to show hidden files

Show hidden files

Windows 8 makes it really easy to show hidden files.

1. Step Open the Windows 8 explorer
Open windows 8 explorer

2. Step Now go to your C: or D: drive and open the tab View
show hidden files

3. Step You can now see hidden files. However, system files are still hidden

How to show hidden system files

Open up the Windows 8 folder settings. This is easy to to

1. Step Go to your C: drive and then click on File

2. Step Click on Change Folder and Search options

change windows 8 folder options

3. Step Go to the tab View and uncheck the option Hide protected operating system files

Show protected system files in Windows 8

Keep in mind, Windows 8 hides system files for a reason so that beginners might not accidentally delete important system files and have to reinstall Windows 8.

Published: Saturday, October 15th, 2011 Last Modified: October 15, 2011

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