Sexy Windows 7 Theme

We definitely need some sexy Windows 7 themes. If you want a sexy eye-catcher for your desktop, then grab this theme featuring a really incredible Ai Takahashi (Japanese Pop-Singer).

Sexy Windows 7 Theme

Sexy Wallpapers of Ai Takahashi

Sexy Dark Taskbar & Explorer Theme

If you install the theme properly, it will turn your start menu, taskbar and explorer into this:

Windows 7 Explorer Theme

Windows 7 Start Menu Theme

Windows 7 Taskbar Theme

How to install the sexy theme?

1. Patch your UXTHEME Files – Read the tutorial and follow Method 2 (fastes, easiest).
2. Copy & Paste the zune windows theme file and zune folder into C:/Windows/resources/themes
3. Apply the ZuneTheme.themepack file

Download Sexy Theme

It’s 100% safe for work & school desktop as it only includes non-adult pictures.

You can download this theme here:

Download Windows 7 Sexy Theme

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