Processes: How to force quit on Windows 8

Sometimes processes are unresponsive, here’s how you can force quit applications on Windows 8.

preview-how to force quit on Windows 8

Tip: Some processes cannot be killed using the Windows 8 task manager. When you encounter and processes or programs that can’t be “force quit” you should try a restart. If it always hangs, you might want to consider re-installing the program and/or applying any available patches and updates.

Steps to force quit apps on Windows 8

1. Step Sometimes when your application are unresponsive then you may have to force quit it. To do that, press Ctrl+Alt+Del altogether. Then click on the Task Manager. Alternatively, you can directly open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc..

step-1-how to force quit on Windows 8

2. Step The Task Manager window opens. Click on the more details to see all the process running in the system.

step-2-how to force quit on Windows 8

3. Step Next, right click on the process / application you want to terminate or end and select Go to Details.

step-3-how to force quit on Windows 8

4. Step Next, it will be shown and selected in Details tab. Rightclick on it and select End Process. That are the complete steps to force quit on Windows 8.

step-4-how to force quit on Windows 8


Sometimes your application suddenly becomes unresponsive. You might have tried to close it but it won’t. In that case, it is wise to force quit.

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