Post-Dawnguard DLC, Here Are 5 Things We Want To See Next In Skyrim

Skyrim Dawnguard Dlc

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim expansion Dawnguard brought us vampires, if that’s your thing, but what’s next in the DLC pipeline for Bethesda’s RPG epic?

Return to Morrowind? More explorable areas? Flyable dragons? Just some of the additions we could get in the next Skyrim DLC pack

Playing as a vampire really isn’t my thing, but turning into a seven-foot winged monstrosity is apparently pretty cool. That was what Dawnguard DLC pack for Skyrim brought, but what’s next?

1: Flying Mounts

Yes, I want to fly a dragon. There are many in Skyrim, but they’re all terrifying. The option to kill or tame certain dragons, like BioShock? Yes please. Exploring Skyrim from above means there’s no more sitting through boring load screens. You want me to explore your world, right Bethesda?

2: Return to Morrowind

Maybe a slight curveball, but there’s a conveniently placed gate in Skyrim which would lead to Morrowind if it wasn’t blocked off by an invisible wall. A random return doesn’t seem that logical, but when taking into account a patch mentioning the Snow Elf Prince – he’s buried in Morrowind – then an exciting return isn’t impossible.


3: Combining Spells

Dual-wielding spells is cool and everything, but why can’t we go all Dragon Ball Z and combine the two and creating a near-blinding light beam which makes us feel awesome? Seriously, there could be some kind of workbench environment where you can combined random spells to create new spells. Fire and ice? Check. Lightning and poision? Again, do it Bethesda.

4: That Damn UI

Yes, the user interface in Skyrim is much better than Oblivion’s but it isn’t exactly producitve. Scrolling through a list of items is fine on a PC when you have a scroll button, but not on a controller. Why can’t I search via keyword, or favorite items even if they’re not equipped? Takes notes from Google Mail, Bethesda, because we have a huge volume of weapons just like we have a huge volume of e-mail.

5: Non-Sequel Areas

So going back to Morrowind would be cool, but that could be done in another game where there’s going to be greater depth (though Dawnguard has 20 hours of content). It’d be nice if Bethesda just expanded the world of Skyrim, with new towns and village and dungeons.

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One Response to Post-Dawnguard DLC, Here Are 5 Things We Want To See Next In Skyrim

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Matthew L. said:

    Some good points here, but also some that hurt my head.

    1. Bioshock? What? There were no mounts you could ride in bioshock. Also, the way they design environments would make flying impractical. From the sky, you’d be seeing architecture from angles never meant to be seen and it would look very ugly.

    2. The snow prince is not buried in Morrowind. He’s buried in Solstheim which is off the coast of Vvardenfell. It is not part of the Morrowind province, however.

    3. Absolutely needed. Being able to make your own spells was one of the things that the older elder scrolls games did right. No reason it should have been left out.

    4. In your inventory, the UI is fine. In containers, it’s terrible. I’d just settle for them organizing your items into categories the way shops do.

    5. New locations in Skyrim could be nice. I’d prefer new environments, though. Shivering Isles was great because it was so different. I can only take so many snowy mountain peaks before I get tired. I need to see something new.

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