PC Optimization Tools: CCleaner and Windows 7 Manager

Cleaning And Optimizing Windows Thumb There are many different tools for enhancing the Windows 7 user experience. Optimizing tools come in a variety of forms including text documents, scripts and utility software.

The 2 programs below perform a range of optimization tasks between them, including system analysis, data capture, clean up and tune up.

Free: CCleaner

Ccleaner Popular Tool

Millions of people have downloaded CCleaner and with good reason. This is a high quality product that greatly facilitates Windows 7 maintenance through the provision of secure cleaning. Performing detailed analysis of practically all areas of the system, CCleaner detects and cleans unused, invalid and incorrect registry entries. The program’s clean, sleek interface is very intuitive due to being split into just 4 areas, namely Cleaner, Registry, Tools and Options. A downside to CCleaner is that some users have found it unable to clean all detected items at the 1st attempt. There is a portable version of this tool, which allows the installation process to be skipped.

Paid: Windows 7 Manager

Windows 7 Manager Advanced

Although Windows 7 Manager is not free, it’s well worth its price. The software features more than 30 utilities for optimizing, tweaking, maintaining and tuning up Microsoft Windows’ current release. It provides the ability to obtain detailed system and hardware information, to make startup and shutdown faster and to find and clean junk files. The program is also able to search the computer for duplicated files, check registry and repair incorrectly linked entries. With Windows 7 Manager, desktop, menus, toolbars and notifications are all customizable. One disadvantage of the program is that the GUI runs rather slowly.

Investing time, effort and, in some cases, money in the installation of optimizing tools such as these will pay off in the long run. Once Windows 7 is fully optimized, it becomes much faster and easier to use the PC, which is something that any user would want.

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