Panorama Desktop for Windows 7

Do you like Panorama photos or 3D Panoramas? If so, you might like this Panorama desktop for Windows 7. It basically allows you to put Panorama wallpapers/photos on your desktop. Sounds great? It is.

Windows 7 Panorama Desktop

Windows 7 Panorama Desktop

Panorama Wallpaper

360° provides Panorama Wallpaper for everyone. You’ll find all kinds of Panorama wallpapers, girls, cars, landscapes, cities, motorbikes, weapons, space. Some highlights: Audi R8, Nissan Skyline, Megan Fox, 3D Space, Tolkien, ..

Downloading the wallpapers is actually quite easy and requires only 1 click, they will be downloaded into a temporary folder and installed. All in less than 10 seconds. You can choose from a lot of different Panoramas (about 10,000).

Panorama Wallpaper
Panorama Wallpaper
Panorama Wallpaper
Panorama Wallpaper

Panorama Slider:
You can either use the Panorama slider at the top of your screen or you can simply push your mouse against the edge of the screen to move the desktop and enjoy the panorama on your desktop:
Panorama Slider

Alternatively, you can simply click on the Panorama Slider and open a preview of the Panorama wallpaper. What a stunning concept car by the way!

Panorama Desktop

360Desktop Video Presentation

DownloadSquad presents some of the features:

Panorama Apps

360Desktop provides much more than just Panorama wallpapers. It also provides Panorama apps for your 360° desktop:

Panorama Apps

Download Panorama Desktop 360°

Make sure to download the correct installer, 360Desktop is available for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

Download 360Desktop Client

With this handy tool on your computer, Panorama photography gets even more exciting, because you can immediately use Panorama photos on your own desktop. How awesome is that?

Another great advantage of 360Desktop is that you can use dual and triple monitor wallpaper on a single monitor. So, if you would like to use any of our dual-monitor themes .

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4 Responses to Panorama Desktop for Windows 7

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Ed said:

    Download doesn’t work. Please fix, as the 360 looks very cool.

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    Ed, we are not creating 360desktop. Maybe they currently have server problems. Try in a few days again.. or maybe even hours.

  3. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    caleb said:

    sOliver, it’s been a few hours since 2010 and the link is still broken. Please advise as this is something I’m interested in and is the first time I’ve used your site… possibly the last?

  4. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Oliver Krautscheid said:

    Caleb, I am not the author of that software so I am sorry that the link is down but there is nothing I can do about it.

    If there is any interest, we may develop a similar software and release it next year.

    Until then you will find many other tools on our site with guides for Rainmeter to achieve similar things

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