Outlook.com Deeply Integrated Into Windows 8.1

Microsoft on Thursday gave a detailed preview on how the mail app in Windows 8.1 will look, feel, and operate. They will be using what they have learned from Outlook.com, and bring it to the desktop with deeper searching, better syncing, folder building, and other enhanced mail options.

The very detailed and thought out post by Microsoft’s apps manager gives users a full run down on how the mail app will be used in Windows 8.1. The full range of updates from the tablet to the desktop will be overhauled, and should make mail users in Windows 8.1 very happy.

Microsoft Details Changes In Mail App For Windows 8.1

Drag And Drop Into Folders

One of the biggest improvements that users will see right away is the ability to drag-and-drop messages into folders, a huge request from consumers to Microsoft. The app bar now has a visible preview that users can preview the message in, and can be used with the mouse of touch. The app bar as well has been given a series of upgrades.

Key Updates To Mail On Windows 8.1

While the drag-and-drop was a big improvement, Microsoft announced other enhancements to the mail app which should help users. Newsletters will be organized into a special view below the inbox, which will help. In addition, Outlook.com’s sweep feature will be used, with automatic replies integrated as well. One of the last noted improvements will include better Exchange Activesync abilities to sync devices with the mail app. That way, they are synced to Windows 8.1 devices.

Better Mail App Overall

The list of improvements will make the mail app in Windows 8.1 much easier to use, and Microsoft is actively soliciting customers for ways to improve it. The mail app can only get better, and with the list of improvements should make Windows 8.1 a much better program for sending emails in the future.

The new mail app should be live at the end of this month in the Windows 8.1 rollout, and should make users very happy. The list of improvements is notable, and will give notices to advanced users a number of different improvements that they can use on a daily basis. It will be a new mail app overall.

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