OCZ Vertex 2 Unboxing + Installation Pictures

I wanted to show you the OCZ Vertex 2 in pictures and give you some additional recommendations before you buy a SSD.

SSD Unboxing

First, let’s take a look at what we get for $120. We get the SSD drive (in this case a 2,5″ OCZ Vertex 2), the warranty, an OCZ sticker and a 3,5″ adapter for desktops, including 4 screws.

OCZ Vertext 2 Unboxing 1

Here’s a picture with the 3,5″ adapter that we’re going to use now:

OCZ Vertext 2 Unboxing 1

After putting it all together, you’ll have a nice 3,5″ SSD for your desktop, that you could theoretically also use for your laptop.

OCZ Vertext 2 Unboxing 1

Unfortunately for me, I needed some additional brackets for my computer case. Let’s take a look at the end result:

OCZ Vertext 2 Unboxing 1

Ok, time to get this going! I recommend to keep a distance of 1 slot between each hard drive. Overall, I now have 3 hard drives in this PC and one SSD. The SSD with the OS and the main programs is at the top, then there’s my main drive with all other files, then a “green” backup drive  and another backup drive at the bottom for the main drive (no, I don’t use RAID).

OCZ Vertext 2 Unboxing 1

The OCZ Vertex 2 has a nice WEI score of 7.1 in my system:

SSD WEI score

I still have to do some benchmarks for the SSD. So stay tuned for some benchmarks of the OCZ Vertex 2.

Tip: Make sure to read our SSD optimization tutorial and buying guide before you use/buy a SSD.

Published: Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 Last Modified: February 8, 2011

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