Nokia: CEO Comments on Windows 8 Tablets, Hybrids Not (Completely) True

Nokia Tablets Unconfirmed

Outgoing CEO said Windows 8 tablets are coming, but Nokia quickly denied the claims.

Nokia’s close relationship with Microsoft doesn’t necessarily mean Windows 8 tablets are coming

Departing Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila said that Nokia would be developing Windows 8 tablets, and possible hybrid tablets, would be arriving. No specific details were given, but a Nokia spokesperson said the details weren’t entirely true.

Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft has produced multiple smartphones very quickly in the Lumia range, so it wouldn’t be surprising if tablets were also quickly produced. Though a Nokia spokesperson, Keith Nowak, told eWEEK said the company is simply watching the space with interest but insisted the company has made no announcements regarding a tablet product.

Nokia CEO also chimed on increasing the speed of the company during an earnings call. He described the strategy as increasing the clock speed of the company and said, while improvements need to be made, Nokia wants to lead the market.

Nokia has produced unique design with ita Lumia devices – particularly the Lumia 900 – so I think a Nokia tablet in that vein would be very attractive. While Apple do produce great designs also, it’s largely been the same. Nokia’s designs are striking and very ergonomical, something tablets lack at the moment. Android-based tablets have featured all kinds of form factors, most coming across as cheap.

Regarding hybrid tablets, I’d be surprised it Nokia produces something like an ultrabook that can be used as laptop and a tablet. I don’t think that’s where Nokia’s strength lies if they do produce a Windows 8 tablet.

Will Microsoft announce Windows 8 integration at E3?

We’ve talked about Microsoft’s strategy for tackling E3, but what about Windows 8? While I definitely don’t expect a lot of talk on Windows 8, we may get hints of what Microsoft is aiming to do with its devices. Particularly through pushing media, using a tablet to navigate the dashboard and scroll through a catalogue of movies and TVs would be attractive. As Michael Pachter noted on the Bonus Round, Kinect isn’t that attractive for navigating menus – because it’s not 100 percent accurate – but the Xbox Live app for iOS works very well. Perhaps we’ll see an app for Windows 8, which would fit.

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