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Games who love the Xbox One, loved that Microsoft embraced the Assassin’s Creed title of games from the beginning. The title has a long history of fans, and has been one of the most successful seris of games for the past decade. On Friday, Microsoft annoucned that the newest chapter is available on the Microsoft Xbox One for pre-order.

The announcement to bring Assassin’s Credit Unity as a preorder on the Xbox One caught some by shock on Friday, s the game isn’t scheduled for release until November 11th. By allowing users to preorder now, they can download the game and have it ready when it launches on November 11th.

Microsoft Announces Preorder Of Assassin's Creed Unity On Xbox One

Two Versions Of PreOrder Available

For those looking to preorder Assassin’s Creed Unity on the Xbox One, Microsoft has done fans a huge favor by issuing it under two different formats. These two formats will give users looking for just the game one set of features, and those looking for the ultimate collection, a superstar set of extras.

Microsoft announced a $59.99 Xbox One Pre-Order Edition, and this will include the standard game plus the Chemical Revolution Mission add-on content. Those looking for more can preorder the $89.99 Xbox One Gold Pre-Order Edition. This version includes the standard game, the Chemical Revolution Missino add-on conent, and the Seaon Pass. At only $30 more, it’s a great deal for Assassins Creed fans.

Microsoft Gives Xbox One Users Anothe Solid Preorder Title

<>h3> How Preordering Works

Just like other games in the Xbox One ecosystem, preorders do not mean that you can play the game early. It just means that you will be able to download the game early and have it intalled on their systems. Once the titla goes live, like in this instance November 11th, it will unlock allowing for hours and hours of gameplay.

Assassin’s Credit Unity is one of the biggest November releases for the company, and needs to make sure that they do evrything they can to ensure sales. By giving users a way to get it early, without having to stand on lines, it gives them more time to play and enjoy it. It should be a great game for Microsoft.

Assassin’s Credit Unity is a huge hit and now be easier to get on the Xbox One. I won’t miss camping out for the game in my pajamas and now can play it when it goes live.

Published: Saturday, October 25th, 2014 Last Modified: October 25, 2014

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