Name Of Microsoft’s New Xbox? Xbox Fusion, 720 Or Infinity?

With Microsoft’s latest flagship console and successor to the massively popular Xbox 360 unveil edging ever closer let’s have a look at what the potential name of the “new” Xbox could be.

To this day there are still arguments on the reason behind the Xbox 360 name. Many point to the “revolution” in gaming Microsoft were promising to offer up at the time. One full revolution is 360 degrees hence “Xbox 360”. Others believe it is because this was the first console that “revolved” around the gamer. Cynics will tell you that Microsoft did not want the Xbox 2 competing against the PlayStation 3. The truth is it was probably a combination of all 3!

So let’s have a look at some of the potential names for the new Xbox!

Xbox Fusion


The rumours starting hotting up for this one when Microsoft registered domains such as with,,, etc). Just try visiting those sites now and notice you will be directed towards the official Xbox website!


If Microsoft go ahead with “Fusion” it would coincide with their desire to turn the Xbox into an all-round entertainment machine right from the off.


While registering a flurry of new domains before a new unveil is always like to spark rumours we rate this one as not very likely. People who have been following the latest developments on the new Xbox will understand the name but those with only a passing interest may be a little underwhelmed.

Xbox 720


Sony stuck to basics with PlayStation 2 and it served them well! It is the name that everyone has been using to refer to the new console. Also going from 360 to 720 sounds like a bigger jump than from 3 -4. What? It does!


One more revolution?


While the concept of doubling up the name may have worked for Sony it is actually less common in general console follow ups. It is an obvious go to and has been used to refer to the new console nearly since the original Xbox 360 was released. For us though it is a little too obvious and as it has been used for so long the name itself has nearly aged. Not something a brand new console will want to be associated with!

Xbox Infinity


Many are predicting this could be the last traditional home console generation and what better way to go out than promise a console that will last for the ages! It is well known Microsoft are hoping this console will offer everything one will need straight to their living room – and this name would signify the scope of the new Xbox’s services.


The name itself could signify the unlimited potential of the new release. With further updates and features down the line more likely than not the Infinity will more than likely be lived up to. It is also has enough meaning without being too specific – which would leave Microsoft to go in whatever direction they feel like in the years to come.


Of the three listed we like the chances of this one.

In reality Microsoft are likely to come up with an entirely new name for their console and don’t be surprised if they simply title it Xbox and let the console itself do the talking. Whatever they call their new console the wait is nearly over with the official unveiling expected later this month!

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Published: Monday, May 6th, 2013 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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