Must-Have Portable Apps For Windows 7 Enthusiasts

Portable Apps_thumb.jpg 1If you are travelling a lot or want to adopt a more mobile lifestyle, you should definitely consider downloading the following portable apps. Must-have!

1. Step There are various program suites available online that include a bunch of portable apps. One of the most famous suites can be downloaded from

2. Step The suite is pretty amazing and offers a great variety of apps for your USB device.

3. Step After installing the suite, you should double-click Start.exe. The portable “Start Menu” opens where you will initally not find a lot of apps. Click on Apps on the right bottom and click on Get more Apps:

Get More Portable Apps 1

4. Step Some of the must-have portable apps are included:

  • Notepad++ Portable
  • IrfanView Portable
  • Mozilla Firefox Portable
  • Thunderbird Portable
  • OpenOffice Portable
  • Opera Portable
  • Pidgin Portable
  • Foxit Reader Portable
  • 7zip Portable
  • Audacity Portable
  • Chrome Portable
  • VLC Portable
  • Spybot and Destroy Portable
  • Skype Portable

There are a lot more cool portable apps like uTorrent, a Feed Notifier and a lot of useful tools for emergency situations. If you have 2 USB devices, I suggest you install your favorite portable apps on one and a bootable OS on the other.

Published: Sunday, February 26th, 2012 Last Modified: February 26, 2012

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