Missing DLL’s: Fix the missing hal.dll errors in Windows 8 via BIOS

Missing and corrupt dll files have always been a big problem in all versions of Windows. Windows 8 Consumer Preview is no exception in this case as it is still in its infancy stages of development.

Better Solution: Using SFC.Exe

Update: Please also read our article on Fixing missing hal.dll errors via sfc.exe

What Actually Is Hal.Dll: Hardware Abstraction Layer

Hal.dll refers to Hardware Abstraction Layer, which enables the operating system to work perfectly on the hard drive upon which the OS is installed.

Often times, an improper installation, or a sudden jerk in power could cause Windows to malfunction. In times like these, usually the dll files get corrupted or missing. You get the following message:

“Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


Please re-install a copy of the above file.”

Here is a list of simple steps you can follow to get rid of this problem:

1. StepTry restarting the system and pressing Delete, Escape or any other button that could take you to the setup screen of BIOS.

2. Step When you are in BIOS, make sure that the boot order is right. You need to have the hard disk upon which Windows is installed, to be the top most priority. Most of the times the hal.dll missing or corrupt message would be resolved just by a simple restart.


That is it. You are done.

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