Minecraft Save Files Location in Windows & Mac

Minecraft save files Do you want to backup your Minecraft save files? If so, you need to know the save file location. Here’s how to create a quick backup of all your save files!

Windows Save Files Location:

The save files are all stored in the .minecraft folder:

  • Hidden folder located at C:\Users\[yourusernamehere]\AppData\Roaming\.

So all you have to do is go to that location and copy the entire folder to create a backup of your save files and all other minecraft files (e.g. skins, textures, etc.)

1. Step In order to see the Minecraft folder you have to make sure that you can see hiden folders. If you don’t know how to do that, click here: Unhide hidden folders

2. Step Next, we open the Windows Explorer (Windows key + E). Then navigate to C:\Users\[yourusernamehere]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft (if you can’t see the folder AppData, repeat step 1)

Let’s take a look at the content of the minecraft folder:

Minecraft save file location

The Minecraft folder includes 3 subfolders, bin, resources and saves. The saves folder obviously contains your save files.

3. Step Select the saves folder and copy the saves folder via CTRL + C and paste it anywhere else on your hard drive via CTRL + V.

Minecraft Save Files Manager

If you are on Windows, you can also use this handy tool to manage your save files. Because the save files are kinda important (they’re your worlds after all!) in Minecraft, this could be really handy to have!

Minecraft save manager

Head over to http://sourceforge.net/projects/minecraftsavmgr/ to download the Minecraft save manager

Mac & Linux Save Files Location

Are you on a Mac or Linux? If so, the save file location will be different.

Mac Save Files: Stored in ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft ( “~” = username)
Linux Save Files: Stored in – to be added – (enter locate .minecraft into shell and you should find them)

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20 Responses to Minecraft Save Files Location in Windows & Mac

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    DarkStorm said:

    Linux Location: /home/[username]/.minecraft

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Idek said:

    The mac one doesnt work, it doesnt show minecraft in application support.

  3. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Kithylion said:

    The mac one DOES work, it led me right to it. I am using snow leopard – that may or may not make a difference.

    Thanks for this info! It helped a lot.

  4. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    macuser said:

    the mac one Does work, without anything like snowlepard

  5. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    C said:


  6. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    KOY said:

    to C
    just search minecraft on your Spotlight. If you can’t find it here’s the path:/Library/Application Support/minecraft

  7. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Rey said:

    Linux: ~/.minecraft

  8. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Fnord said:

    Well, I’ve been digging via my limited Unix knowledge and through my better Mac skills, trying to find where Minecraft has been saving my screenshots. No avail. There is neither a /minecraft nor a /.minecraft directory in my Application Support folder.

    I’ve been looking for a bit. I give up.

  9. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Fnord said:

    Ah, I got it:

    \Users\YourUsername\Library\Application Support\minecraft\saves\


  10. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    jmartin said:

    worked like a charm on Windows and Linux!

  11. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Andrew said:

    if you have users on your mac, minecraft folder will be here…
    /users//library/application support/minecraft

    I’m using lion and the latest 1.7 of mine craft

  12. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Ragnar said:

    Wait.. I can see the folder in terminal, but not in Finder. Anyone knows how to make it visible in Finder?

  13. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Dougal said:

    Macs are freaking retarded! I can’t find it in finder, spotlight or even terminal. WTF

  14. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    me said:

    Which just goes to show that Notch is not as bright as everyone makes him out to be. What a stupid place to put the save files.

  15. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    macdude said:

    Go to finder/preferences/(click hard disks) then a folder will show on desktop and then click it/library/ application support/ and i could not find where mines is, but is should be there

  16. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Tracey said:

    I have managed to save my saves file and run an update/repair on Windows. Now I can’t figure out how to use the saves files in Minecraft. Any suggestions on how to merge the two?

  17. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Niclas said:

    Mac with OSX Mountain Lion does not work!

  18. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    George said:

    LOL – I recently have to work under windooze… Mac developer since 1989, some of my drivers power devices sold in thousands and we won once an Eddie at MacWorld.

    I am not allowed to comment about Windows and the dev. tools for it. Just put it this way: we are mercenaries and we should not complain. The most important: all we shall to have the paycheck every month. Macs do work OK, Windooze does work OK. As long as the (e-)paycheck is in the e-mail. ;)
    Happy New Year and upcoming Orthodox (pravoslav) X’mas to all.

  19. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Billy said:

    To find the folder on a mac, open finder, in the menus at the top click on Go. with the list showing, press the option key and the Library option will appear. Click that and it is under Application Support\minecraft.

  20. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Primrose said:

    i cant find menu either

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