MapleStory Windows 7 Theme

One of the most popular MMO’s nowadays is MapleStory. Dedicated to all players, here is a MapleStory Windows 7 theme for you.

MapleStory Windows 7 Theme

Latest MapleStory News:
MapleStory is about to get some dual-swords-action. A new thief class will be introduced that can use dual-swords! If you want to find out more about the thief class:

If you are new to MapleStory, you can download the MapleStory client from fileplanet. Give it a try!

MapleStory Wallpaper:

MapleStory Start Orb:
I’ve created an animated Start Orb for this MapleStory Windows 7 theme. Let’s check out the hover effect:

MapleStory Windows 7 Start Orb
Animated MapleStory Windows 7 Start Orb

MapleStory Icons:

MapleStory Desktop Icons

Download MapleStory Windows 7 Theme

Download Maplestory Windows 7 theme

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If you have problems installing the MapleStory theme on Windows 7, please consuklt our many tutorials. If you’re on Vista, you’ll also find a helpful tutorial how to use Windows 7 themes on Vista on our site.

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