London Windows 7 Theme: Featuring UK’s Capital And Economic Center Of The World

London without question is one of the most important cities in our modern world. This Windows 7 theme gives you a glimpse of this beautiful city right on your desktop

Documentary About England, London

Could there be a relation that the smaller and more isolated the country, the more likely they are going on a quest to conquer the world? Both Italy and England are rather small and isolated countries, but both the Roman and British empire were incredibly large. Of course, the expansion of an empire greatly depends on key figures (just take Napoleon, Caesar or Hitler), but it would be certainly interesting to see if the geo-physical location of a country does have an impact on the mindset of its citizens.

London serves as the world’s economic center and is certainly one of the most busiest and expensive cities in the world. There’s an awful lot to explore in this mega-city. Here’s a great documentary that takes you through London:

London Desktop Wallpaper

We scoured DeviantArt to find the most beautiful wallpapers featuring London:

London Wallpaper 1

On DeviantArt

London Wallpaper 2

On DeviantArt

London Wallpaper 3

On DeviantArt

London Wallpaper 4

On DeviantArt

London Wallpaper 5

On DeviantArt

London Wallpaper 6

On DeviantArt

London Wallpaper 7

On DeviantArt

London Wallpaper 8

On DeviantArt

London Wallpaper 9

On DeviantArt

Download The Windows 7 Theme

This theme works on all Windows computers. XP and Vista users should upgrade or have to extract the content of the themepack file:

London Wallpaper 10

On DeviantArt

London Wallpaper Theme

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Published: Thursday, October 24th, 2013 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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