List Of 8 Windows 7 Themes: Death Note, Harley Davidson, Dragons, Space (Basic Mode)

List Of 8 Windows 7 Basic Mode Themes Dragons Death Note Looking for some cool Windows 7 themes to customize your PC? Here are various shell themes that support Windows 7 Basic Mode and are intended for fans of Death Note, Harley Davidson, Dragons or Space. Check this out!

Some of the following themes are only intended to be run in Windows 7 Basic Mode. If you do not know how to activate Basic Mode on Windows 7 Home, Professional or Ultimate, please stay tuned for a tutorial on this

1. I love blue Visual Style – Clean Shell With Small Taskbar

This is a rather special shell theme for Windows 7 with some cool caption buttons, some nice taskbar elements and a minimized explorer shell. One of the coolest Windows 7 themes to install right now

Exotic I love blue VS Theme
Download I love blue VS | Mirror

2. Windows 7 Anime Themes – Death Note Updated 1-14-2012

Like Death Note? This is one of the best Anime shell themes and optimized for Windows 7 Basic Mode.

Exotic Win7 - Death Note Updated 1-14-2012 Theme
Download Win7 – Death Note Updated 1-14-2012 | Mirror

3. Bike Themes: Harley Davidson Theme Updated 1-14-2012

A Harley Davidson Theme for Windows 7 Basic Mode, including a special Start menu, fresh wallpapers and a nice fitting color scheme. Must-have for Harley Davidson fans

Exotic Harley Davidson Theme Updated 1-14-2012 Theme
Download Harley Davidson Theme Updated 1-14-2012 | Mirror

4. Utility Package: Windows 7 Theme With Lots of Wallpapers, Utilities, Icons – The Red By HC

This is a package of icons, wallpapers, utilities and more. Download The Red theme to get a mix of everything.

Exotic The Red By HC Theme
Download The Red By HC | Mirror

5. Space Boot Animation

This is an actual boot animation. Try this for some new loading animations

Exotic space boot animation updated Theme
Download space boot animation updated | Mirror

6. Mac Themes:  Lion Visual Style 2.0

A Windows 7 theme for all Mac fans

Exotic Lion VS 2.0 Theme
Download Lion VS 2.0 | Mirror

7. Windows 7 Mini Start Menu StyleHacks – All 8 (Basic Mode)

Another Windows 7 theme for Basic users. If you like the steel look and skull wallpapers, give it a try. Check out the author on DeviantArt for more cool Basic themes

Exotic Win7 Mini Start Menu StyleHacks - All 8 Theme
Download  Win7 Mini Start Menu StyleHacks – All 8 | Mirror

8. Wallpapers: Black -Dragon- Windows 7 themepack

This is a .themepack theme with various wallpapers of Black Dragons and the Windows logo. Cool idea.

Exotic Balck -Dragon- Win 7 themepack Theme
Download  Balck -Dragon- Win 7 themepack | Mirror

If you like the Windows 7 themes above, bookmark our site. We’ll be updating you with more shell themes throughout the month of April, so stay tuned!

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