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Is Your Internet Connection Slow? Turn Off Remote Differencial Compression

Slow internet connection is a real pain. Here’s a useful tip that might speed it up a bit: Disable Remote Differencial Compression 
How to fix slow internet on Windows 7?

1. StepWindows 7 has all the system utilities listed in the Control Panel so head straight to the Start Menu and locate the Control Panel.
How to fix slow internet on Windows 7?

2. StepUnder the Control Panel welcome screen, find for the Programs utility. This lists all programs and applications installed on your system. In addition, it also has list of the Windows Features integrated with the Operating System.
How to fix slow internet on Windows 7?

3. StepWindows features is something we are interested in so search for Turn Windows features on or off under the Programs and Features section.
How to fix slow internet on Windows 7?

4. StepA great way to enhance the speed of internet on your system is to turn off Remote Differencial Compression. Remote Differential Compression causes compression on your network traffic therefore giving you limited performance from the network traffic.
How to fix slow internet on Windows 7?

5. StepTurn the Remote Differencial Compression off and press OK. On completion of the process, Restart your system and you are going to feel an enhanced speed while using the same Windows 7 machine and the same internet connection.
How to fix slow internet on Windows 7?

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Alternative Solutions: Auto-Repair Your PC And Drivers

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Published: Friday, November 18th, 2011 Last Modified: November 20, 2011

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