Is A Microsoft Windows Phone A Bad Idea? Not Really

Microsoft Windows Phone Hardware 150Pxp2 Microsoft could be launching a Windows Phone, if rumours are to be believed. Though it isn’t happening this year, the phone seems inevitable.

Following on from Surface, a Microsoft Windows Phone seems like an inevitable product

Windows Phone 8′s messaging is confusing. Nokia, seemingly an in-but-name first-party manufacturer, was seen to be the flagship Windows Phone manufacturer. HTC then came along with its 8X and 8S devices, flaming it’s the flagship manufacturer. If Microsoft built its own smartphone, there would be no doubt as to who is the flagship Windows Phone manufacturer.

Microsoft Windows Phone Hardware

It also wouldn’t be a bad idea. As with Surface, Microsoft may market the device as the design-setter. Developer support and app submissions aside, Windows Phone 8 devices do have strong, and different, designs. HTC showed this best with a two-tone colour scheme with its 8X; the body of the phone is a solid colour, like silver, and the chin area another, like yellow. It’s a visually different design, and goes beyond colouring the back and the bezel.

Microsoft would also be able to provide a technology-setting devices. Internals would be able to rival iPhones, Nexus devices, and possibly even BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Google successfully builds its own devices alongside hardware partners. It serves the purpose of representing the latest of Windows Phone.

Is It Worth Microsoft’s Time?

Where Microsoft has an advantage over Google, however, is setting minimum hardware requirements. The reason Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the latest release, isn’t on the majority of devices is because manufacturers set the specifications. Microsoft is making sure developer build devices to minimum requirements meaning updating shouldn’t be a problem.

Whether Microsoft will launch the device is in question. Some have suggested the device will appear if Windows Phone isn’t faring well. The flip side to that argument is would Microsoft be able to afford the luxury of launching a Windows Phone 8 device if the platform was failing? A flagship, first-party smartphone seems like the bonus device to a successful operating system. Achieving market share, sales, and strong developer support with Windows Phone 8 is arguably more important than Microsoft launching its own smartphone.

Windows Phone 8 launches October 29, just three days after Windows 8’s October 26 launch.

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  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    klj said:

    this article is so misleading, not making the difference between WP as an OS and WP as a device. At first I thought it’s talking about WP8 the OS.

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