Internet: How to enable or disable cookies in Windows 8

If your cookies are disabled, read this to enable them in Windows 8 to get full website access again.

preview-how to enable cookies in Windows 8

Tip: We previously explained how to enable or disable cookies in Internet Explorer 9, which you might want to read first before you read through this. If you want to know where Firefox stores cookies read this article instead: Where are Firefox cookies located

Steps to accept cookies in Windows 8

1. Step Open the Control Panel by clicking Control Panel tile in Start Menu.

step-1-how to enable cookies in Windows 8

2. Step A control panel window opens. Scroll down and click on the More Settings.

step-2-how to enable cookies in Windows 8

3. Step Next, click on the Large icons in ‘View by’ drop down menu located at the top-right corner.

step-3-how to enable cookies in Windows 8

4. StepNext, scroll down and click on the Internet Options.

step-4-how to enable cookies in Windows 8

5. StepNext, Internet Options window opens. Click on Privacy tab.

step-5-how to enable cookies in Windows 8

6. Step Next, Click Advanced. Then select ‘override automatic cookie handling‘. Select Accept in the fieldset Cookies and Third-party Cookies respectively. And select ‘Always allow session cookies’. Finally, click on the OK button. That are the complete steps to enable cookies in Windows 8.

step-6-how to enable cookies in Windows 8


Cookies are the small files which are stored on a user’s computer. Cookies are the way to carry information from one session on a website to another.

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