Internet Explorer 9 Not Working / Loading ? Try This!

IE9 Not loading Are you keen on trying the new Internet Explorer 9, but it’s simply not working for you and not loading any website at all? If so, here’s a great tool to restore make IE9 fly like a rocket.

Site Not Loading? Flush DNS with 1-click

Is your favorite website not loading? A bad DNS cache entry could be behind it! A DNS cache is normally a good thing because it speeds up the site loading (it doesn’t have to look up the IP for a domain) but when you cache a bad entry then you need to flush the DNS cache to make this work again.

Nothing Is Working? Try A Winsock Reset!

Oh boy, often if you have connection problems a winsock fix can do wonders. Want to learn more about this?

Repair & Reset Winsock

With SF IE Restorator you can do the Winsock fix with only one click!

Still Nothing? Re-Register Internet Explorer 9 DLL Files!

On my laptop I had a strange problem recently, I had to re-register all of my DLL’s to make the Internet Explorer work again. With SF IE Restorator you can do this with a simple click! Huge time-saver, because normally that would mean you’d have to run like 6-7 commands manually.

Re-registering DLL files works for Internet Explorer 9 32-bit but also for Internet Explorer 9 64-bit.

Download SF IE Restorator (Freeware)

Best of all the IE Restorator is a portable tool, so no installation required. Run it, fix your problems, enjoy a working IE9!

Fix Internet Explorer 9 Quickly

Download IE Restorator

Published: Sunday, November 21st, 2010 Last Modified: November 21, 2010

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