Intel Tablet Devices To Hit Retailers In November This Year

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Rumor has it that Intel’s Windows 8 based tablet devices will be available for retail purchase in November this year, which also indirectly confirms Windows 8 commercial launch for later this year.

Intel Windows 8 Tablets Coming In November: Rumors

Intel’s Windows 8 tablets are apparently going to be launching in November this year, according to a post made by CNET. This information was revealed to them by sources who are close to the makers of the device.

The source also mentioned a few other things that are associated with Windows 8. The schedule for these devices and the OS itself, is very tight. This is because Microsoft is trying to achieve of a lot of things at once with Windows 8. This includes supporting not just one single architecture but four to five at the same time. This includes two x86 architectures — Intel and AMD and three designs from ARM.

These devices will be from the Intel’s work with its many partners, on which we reported some time back. The source claimed that out of the dozen or so devices that will be released, more than half will be hybrid devices and not just plain tablets. These are your ‘convertible’ devices that combine the mobile factor of tablet such as small screen, slim profile and long battery life with utility aspects of a laptop such a keyboard.

All of these devices will be using Intel’s Clover trail chip, which is the latest version of the Atom line of processors. Clover Trail is Atom’s first dual-core model based on the 32nm manufacturing process. It also has single-core versions that power mobile handsets, of which one has been launched by Indian company Lava and others are in the pipeline from Lenovo, Orange and Motorola along with a few more companies.

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