File Backups In The Cloud: How To Use SkyDrive to Backup Your Files

SkyDrive can be used for all sorts of things, for example to backup your files in the cloud

Sky Drive Folder

Cloud storage has become a daily part of our lives and with Skydrive offering 5GB of FREE space to all users there’s enough space for the average Joe  to securely and safely back up his data online!

The premium cloud storage solution developed by Microsoft can be used for all of your cloud storage needs. Backing up files on Skydrive works exactly the same way on Windows 8 as it does on Windows 7 since SkyDrive is a web based application. Here is a short tutorial on how you can use Skydrive to backup your files quite easily.

1. Log on to your SkyDrive account by visiting It should automatically redirect you to the appropriate link:

Skydrive Login

2. StepOnce logged in, click on Add files. Alternatively, you can also create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access files. You can see the already listed files and folders herein. Now browse to the desired files or folders to add to SkyDrive.

SkyDrive Add files Option

3. Step In case the web app does not seem feasible for you, just download the SkyDrive Windows/Mac App and use the SkyDrive folder as you would any other folder on your PC. Any file you put in this folder will automatically be synced online with your Skydrive account. Visit and download SkyDrive for Windows (or Mac, depending upon your OS).

Skydrive for Windows

4. StepClick Download App

SkyDrive Download app

5. StepInstall SkyDrive

Install SkyDrive

6. StepSign in to SkyDrive using your login credentials. Once signed in, you would see the SkyDrive folder in the Documents Folder of your User settings. Drop any file or folder in the SkyDrive folder for it to be automatically synced with the online SkyDrive account

Skydrive folder on PC

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