How to save notepad as .html, .bat, .xml, .csv

Saved Notepad File As Bat File_thumb.jpg 1If you’re wondering how to save notepad files as .html, .bat, .xml or .csv files, check this out.

1. Step Let’s create a new text document using the notepad editor

Creating New Text Document 1

2. StepInside the notepad editor, click on File, Save As…

Save Notepad File As Html Bat Xml 1

3. StepNow at the bottom click on the dropdown field and select All Files (*.*)

Save As Type All Files 1

4. StepMake sure to enter your needed file extension e.g. .bat, .xml, .csv, .css, .html, etc 

This File Can Be Saved As 1

5. Step Once you click on Save, the file will be saved with whatever extension you added after the filename.

6. Step The text file should now have a new icon and be associated with the correct program to open such a file e.g. .html your default browser, .csv your Excel or OpenOffice Calculator and so on

Saved Notepad File As Bat File 1

Exactly the same way you can save notepad files as .html, .xml, .csv, .php files or whatever you want to create. Keep in mind this will not work for all filetypes. If you can open the original files (e.g. .bat) with a notepad there’s a good chance it will also work when you save a file simply adding the extension .bat. However, you can’ create .exe files or .dll files that way.

Published: Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 Last Modified: February 1, 2012

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