How to Restart and Fix Printer Spooler in Windows 7

If you start to many print jobs at once you can easily crash the printer spooler service. Here’s how you fix/restart the printer spooler service in Windows 7

1. StepOpen up the Start Menu and Click on the Search option to enter text.

2. StepIn the Start Menu Search bar, type down services.msc.
How to Fix Printer Spooler?

3. StepThis screen will provide you with a list of different services associated with the current Windows installation.

4. StepScroll down through this list and search for the service named as ‘Printer Spooler’.

5. StepRight click the service and select the ‘Restart’ option from the drop down menu.
How to Fix Printer Spooler?

6. StepOpen the directory of Windows Installation and Open the System 32 Folder inside the Windows folder.
How to Fix Printer Spooler?

7.Open the folder named ‘Spool’ and Enter the ‘Printers’ folder. Check if there are any Printers or settings file available here.

8. StepIn case the files are not available, open the properties of Printer Spooler service from the Services menu.
How to Fix Printer Spooler?

9. StepSwitch over from the General Tab to the ‘Recovery’ tab. Click on the option of ‘Subsequent Failures’ and make the selection ‘Restart the Service’.
How to Fix Printer Spooler?

10. StepOpen the ‘Dependencies’ tab from the options on the top of the screen and ensure that the HTTP and Remote Procedure Call options are checked.

How to Fix Printer Spooler?

In this way, you will be able to fix the printer spooler error. In case there are still any problems, feel free to contact us.


Published: Friday, October 14th, 2011 Last Modified: October 14, 2011

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