How To Open RAR Files in Windows 7

If you have never heard of RAR files, they are basically compressed ZIP files but with with a different compression algorithm. Here’s how you open RAR files in Windows 7.

Make sure to open WinRAR from or download 7zip from Both programs are capable of opening RAR files. Install one of them on your PC.

Steps to open RAR files in windows 7

1. Step First of all, locate your rar file. Here I have a rar file named as “file1.rar” on my desktop.

step-1-how to open rar files in windows 7

2. Step Now double click on it. Your file will open in your default zip software that you have installed earlier. Here my default one is “WinRAR”.

step-2-how to open rar files in windows 7

3. Step Now on the menu bar, click Commands >> Extract to the specified folder or just click ‘Extract To / Extract’ icon on the toolbar.

step-3-how to open rar files in windows 7

4. Step Now, specify the location where you want to extract your files. In my case, I have specified ‘Desktop’. And click OK.

step-4-how to open rar files in windows 7

5. Step Now when you locate the folder/path you have just specified, you will see the extracted files/folders.

step-5-how to open rar files in windows 7


Still having problems opening RAR files in Windows 7? Post your question or comment below.

Published: Friday, June 3rd, 2011 Last Modified: November 4, 2014

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