How To Get Minecraft For Free? Minecraft Giveaway!

If you haven’t purchased your own copy of Minecraft yet, here’s a way how to get a copy of Minecraft for free! All you have to do is to post a reason why you like Minecraft after the break. To increase your chances of winning you can share this on social bookmarking sites.

Get Minecraft For Free

Minecraft the Indie surprise hit by Notch is an awesome game. You can spend nights building all kinds of crazy structures, buildings and whatever you like. It’s really incredible what you can do it in Minecraft! One guy even created an 8-bit CPU in Minecraft with all the red stone dust:

How To Get A Free Copy?

So, if you want to get Minecraft for free, here’s your chance. Simply post a comment below why you like Minecraft or post your favorite creeper story or post your best creations in Minecraft (online) or post something else related to Minecraft If you share your comment along with a link to this post on a social site you will increase your chances of winning. If you retweet this use the hash #minecraftgiveaway and we’ll automatically know that you shared it. As for the other sites like digg you’d have to post your username below.

Who Can Participate?

Everyone is welcome to join and take a shot at winning a free copy of Minecraft.

How Long Does This Giveway Run?

Depending on the number of participants this giveaway will either end on December 10th or on December 20th.

We are giving away 3 copies! We will need to know your Minecraft username to send you the free copy!

Update: Minecraft Giveaway Winners

The giveaway winners are Abrown, MinerDude290 and Parodyse. You can still submit your best creeper stories for everyone to enjoy. A new Minecraft giveaway is on its way. More information will follow shortly.

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165 Responses to How To Get Minecraft For Free? Minecraft Giveaway!

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Erzasan said:


    I like Minecraft becouse you can build or just Roleplay. I tried the Alpha and i fell in love with it. Days later i found Minecraft Alpha but i cant try that becouse Alpha is not free. So i would be glad if i won the giveaway becouse i can play with my friend Online.



  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Rdogg112 said:

    I love Minecraft because, you can do so many things in it, like, Mining, Exploring, Building, and loads more, my favorite part is that you can even simulate Electronics, as you mentioned someone even made a 8-bit CPU, i seen someone making RAM too, and not to mention, epic Segment Displays.

    My country can’t use online paying techniques, like Paypal or Western Union, so i can’t buy it, i would love to win this game.

    Thanks :), my Minecraft username is the one i am posting from, (Rdogg112), by the way, i Love your blog, been here since the beginning :D

  3. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    iMWii said:

    I found MineCraft by watching a video from YouTube.

    This is where it started:

    In particular, I’m subscribed to “Seananners.” He started a MineCraft series and I watched the episodes when he uploads them. The game is all about creativity and exploration. The feedback I hear from this game is very positive. I’ve tried the free version, but I just don’t get as much kick out of that one. I used to play RuneScape and MineCraft reminds me of a first person POV version of RuneScape Classic, lol. I’d love to play this game for myself and share it with my friends.

  4. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    LUIGI2323 said:

    Username: LUIGI2323
    I love Minecraft cause it has really good graphics (Im a retro fan.), you can kill a zombie with fried pork, and you can build a really nice home and live there. Plus, theres TNT. and Creepers.

  5. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Lakshmana said:

    I LOVE Minecraft, but the only thing is all my freinds have it aswell…but the paid version…so I cant play online with them which realy sux because I am getting so lonley playing on my own with freeky kreepers blowing in my face!

    The thing I love most about Minecraft is that you can build amazingly cool things like DRAGONS, ROADS, HOUSES, ROCKETS and much much more, the thing I love most though is going into caves and ******* in my pants cause of the monster sounds and also because they just tend to jump on you when you least expect it xD

    But the main thing I would love to do is play with my friends, when I go over to there houses they usually seem to be playing minecraft on multiplayer…without me :( So I would realy love to win this as a prize, ty.


  6. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Lakshmana said:

    Oh yeah and my minecraft username is Nwassassin :P ty once again.

  7. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Sephyroth said:


    I like it ‘cuz its a creative RPG game with oldchool graphic. I like it so much. And you can craft things like torch and weapons and things. The best you need to mine and explore and at the end you just need to enjoy the game with your house. So far im playing Minecraft Alpha on my neighbor’s comp.So far im play with the “classic” website edition. Almost all of my friends playing with the game. But i don’t have paypay or credit card. So if win i would be the happiest guy in the town and i could play with my friends together.

    Thanks again,

    PS: ( my nick is : Sephyroth )

  8. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Parodyse said:

    Minecraft is already a very popular game and it has made millions while still in the Alpha stage. The reason it is so popular is because the possibilities are endless, you can literally do whatever you want. I think it’s amazing how open things are, and how people have even been able to use computer logic using redstone switches. I’ve played the Classic version quite a bit, but I have heard that the Survival mode is way better. I also really want to be able to have the game when the price goes up and the official version is released. It would be really awesome if I could win a copy, and so just to show gratitude for the contest I made this: click here.

    Minecraft themes

  9. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Enveroth said:

    I would like to win this contest because it looks like a fun game, I built all sorts of castles and houses with legos when I was little. I have 4 friends that play on a server together. They were working on a main base and a tower for each of them with a track system going between each and they asked me to join, but I don’t have the money to buy it.
    I have tried the free version to get a feel for it, but it’s not the same when I can’t help my friends.

  10. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Enveroth said:

    Oops I forgot in my last post that if I win a game, I would like my nick to be Enveroth (I used it to play the free version I hope that doesn’t cause an issue… if it does I would like it to be Bramd)

  11. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    MinerDude290 said:

    I would love a copy of minecraft because of the creativity envolved along with the fighting and great retro graphics, I also have loads of ideas for huge things to make. I also know I will love this game, due to the fact that I have watched around 15 hours of gameplay footage of the game. I also had a friend who, a little while ago, said he would gift me a copy. Not long after that his dad said he couldn’t. Today his dad said he could gift me the game, I, obviously, got really excited, but when his dad got home, he changed his mind once again, so I feel as if I’v been conned twice. I even made things for my friend, including a skin for his character, which he said if I made he’d gift me a copy… So, I really wan’t minecraft

    Here is something I made
    Minecraft buildings
    Minecraft buildings

    Also, here is something I edited:

    Minecraft cat

    And a song I wrote/edited:
    Sun Light, a song based upon the brilliance of daytime in Minecraft

    Sun Light, Beautiful light, all is calm, all is bright,
    No Bad mobs will spawn under thee,
    Do not fear unwelcome company,
    Mine in Heavenly peace,
    Mine in Heavenly peace!

    Sun light, Beautiful light, Skeletons quake at the sight,
    Set ablaze by the glorious day,
    Most nasties are burned away,
    Cows and pigs will spawn,
    Cows and pigs will spawn!

    Sun light, Beautiful light, effective on many, but still one fright,
    The worst monsters in found in the game,
    Yes, creepers have to be slain,
    Mine in heavenly peace,
    Mine in heavenly peace!

    (To the tune of silent night)

    My username is MinerDude290 (needs to be gifted)

  12. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    MinerDude290 said:

    *when I say conned, I mean tricked

  13. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Abrown said:

    Im an architect student at Cal Poly SLO, so Id love to be able to have the game to be able to have something to make my designs in a physical representation, rather than in CAD, and AUTO CAD, since I cant veiw all the angles and alter it so specifically as one can in minecraft. also, another reason is that my brother has it, and wants to do SMP with me when I get it, and he lives on the east coast of the USA, so we rarely get to interact except on the phone. A lot of my friends at college have it too, and even in the architect school, and want to get a college-wide server up and running. and the last reason is that I dont have paypal/ and a credit card…

    I am currently building 1:2 scale model of the eiffel tower, and a 1:1 scale model of the kaufman house :D

    If I win, please gift it to abrown.

  14. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Ciphyr said:

    I love minecraft because of the fact that you have to actually mine all your resources to build structures. That, combined with the fact that it is also a survival game with some rpg elements, a crafting system, and what not, makes this the best game ever in my opinion. name in minecraft is ciphyr.

  15. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Netr0 said:

    Hey, Minecraft is pretty sweet with an endless creative side similar to dwarf fortress. I am a fan of building mega constructions and would love to try the same in minecraft.

    If i win please gift the account to Netr0 (that 0 is a zero not an o)


    PS If there is a multipost, I’m sorry. Seems the comments are not being recorded :/

  16. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Adrian said:

    I just like Minecraft and can’t afford it, that’s about it.

  17. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Adrian said:

    I forgot my name: Fatman55

  18. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sean said:

    I love digging!
    Zombies and MORE DIGGING!

    minecraft account: cravius

  19. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jack said:

    minecraft is da best cause you can dig far and make bases

  20. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Ryan_Ownz said:

    I like it ‘cuz its a creative RPG game with oldchool graphic. I like it so much. And you can craft things like torch and weapons and things. The best you need to mine and explore and at the end you just need to enjoy the game with your house. So far im playing Minecraft Alpha on my neighbor’s comp.So far im play with the “classic” website edition. Almost all of my friends playing with the game. But i don’t have paypay or credit card. So if win i would be the happiest guy in the town and i could play with my friends together.

    My Username is Ryan_ownz on minecraft :) Thanks

  21. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Guido said:

    Minecraft is an awesome game, it’s a true example that graphics aren’t what makes a game, it’s the gameplay. It may be a bit blocky, hmm, blocks only actually, but that keeps it simple.

    I have been playing the free minecraft game and have even set up a server for it, too bad it involves no roleplaying whatsoever. The Alpha version does!

    My minecraft username is Rahazan
    Yours Truly

  22. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    haannes said:

    Wow.. first of all i like to thank you for this opportunity for us folks to get this game!.

    Well why i would like to have this game?:
    Well i really love the games where you can explore, craft, make traps, kill monster and create your own world.

    I found out about this game trough a forum where i spend some of my time at. And a guy there had created a server, free version. where we could come in and build and create stuff, eventually i got tutor/admin position because i acted mature and spended a lot of time there.

    I wish i still had my pic on my comp so i could show you my work on minecraft.

    And now some of my friends play it also and they talk about it at school etc etc.. And i really like to have this game.

    This game is also a perfect example that the graphic dosent make the game. the gameplay does, i have played alot of tibia where the graphic suck to, but the gameplay is just great.

    Why i cant buy this game?:
    Well i dont got either pay pal or any credit card.

    I really like you to choose me cause the last months i have been longing for this game! but i havent been able to get until now.

    I like to thank you again for this opportunity.

    Username: Haannes

  23. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Yaecan said:

    | | John the creeper is alone, all is friends already gone to
    | ■ ■ | the beautyful world of Minecraft where every creeper can
    | | explode happily.
    | ██ | John haven’t any friend to do some explosive stuff
    | ████ | and party.
    | ░ ░ | Give John a chance to change is life forever.
    | | Donate at : Yaecan
    | | Everybody should be able to live in the place he dreamed.
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | | |
    | | |

  24. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Yaecan said:

    John the creeper is so sad that he failed to took a proper picture of him ;(

  25. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    warren said:

    i like minecraft because it is so fun to build or role play


  26. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    timit said:

    Currently, Minecraft is my favorite game. I like how the graphics are like those of older games. I like how it is a fun adventure game with all different things to do. I made a file on my friends Minecraft and I LOVED it. I had like a small village going and it was really fun. I hope I have a good chance of winning this because I know it is a really fun game!

    Thanks, my Minecraft username is:

  27. Orange Community Approved Comment:

    Please can i have it i like minecraft its the best game i ever known.
    When i first saw minecraft i knew it was gonna be great but when i found out you have to pay for the full version i was disappointed.My PC won’t let me run games on the internet except if i download so i can’t play the
    Free version because it is on the site but i really want to play minecraft alpha please.I want to make caves of TNT,a house , a greenhouse,towers, ETC. If i win please send it to LtFalcon.

  28. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Bluejava said:

    Minecraft is a game that goes as far as you want it to. No limitation. Creativity and imagination from the second you log on, to the time you shut your computer off. I truly want this game so that I can enjoy it to its fullest, with the friends of mine that already have the game. I think it would be an honor to win the game in a contest such as this one. From now till December 10/20 I will be crossing my fingers and hoping i get the gold :)

  29. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    vickarman said:


    Even the name says it all. The ability to craft/create anything you can imagine into a world set out just for you. The possibilities are endless and introduces a new style of gameplay, one that I’d love to experience as the most creative game I’ve known and hopefully able to play.

    Tried playing the free version online but my internet is so slow it just lags every half second.

    Anyway, hope to win, fingers crossed and congrats for whoever does gets this awesome prize.

    username: vickarman

  30. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Edwin said:

    I love minecraft because it’s a game where you can get lost while exploring and that gives it the thrill of adventure!

  31. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Edwin said:

    FFFFForgot my user, cobolatrix it is.

  32. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jerizo said:

    I’d like minecraft because you can just spend crazy amounts of time on this game building really cool stuff though this game looks really really simple at first…
    When i heard of this game i first didn’t realize the potential it has so i want discover the opportunity of beeing super creative on such a simple game.

    USERNAME: Jerizo

  33. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sgtbunny55 said:

    i like minecraft because its a game where u can do anything i mean when i played the demo i spent 2 hours bulding things and in the full game i can fight stuff and go to carzy stuff like ride a pig and the game lookes fun and simple i usually watch 2 hours of videos on minecraft because it is such and amasing game

  34. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    Guys, just a little reminder. Before you post your long-long comment, make sure to copy it into the clipboard. Unfortunately, the comments are broken and it can happen that the first submission does not work. Trying to fix it at the moment.

  35. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jake said:

    hey dudes,
    i found out about minecraft by watching some youtube vids when i stumbled apon seananner’s vids.
    I LOVED EM!!
    i wanted to get the game but i need to buy but i did make an account! PLEASE CHOOSE MEEEH!!
    newstickycarl <—–minecraft name

  36. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Marshall said:

    I love Minecraft because I can spend hours on end building and roaming the worlds people build. I like to build 8-bit drawings and castles and such. I also like to build underwater forts… The game’s also a pretty good stress reliever. I’ve never actually played the full version, though.

  37. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Marshall said:

    Oh, sorry! I forgot! My username is Niosai.

  38. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    JedHed said:

    heyo i love minecraft because you can build stuff and i know i sound like a idiot but i tryed the survival test and have bin dying to get this game for like 2 months i dont hav any jobs to do and my dad got laid off and is having trouble getting a job and im not old enough yet to get a job. and rite know im in det my name is “JedHed” and i luv building stuff such as legos ive played minecraft for like i said 2 months and wanted this for christmas but its not gunna happen so if i got this i wood be so happy i wood probably pee my pants getting so excited

  39. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Cory Lopes said:

    I have always liked making things out of legos and like build my own houses and things like that. My brother is the one who showed me Minecraft and ever since i played it for free i have wanted the full version but i was just not able to buy please pick me it would make my year!

    Minecraft name ———-> bulletbreakfast

  40. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    tiger252 said:

    i love mine craft because you get to build,role play and have lots of fun. I’m kinda jealous of my friends because they already have it and keep saying how good it is and telling me play it play it play it,but i don’t have it so could i please have.

  41. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Parodyse said:

    By the way, I just wanted to say that my username is also Parodyse. (I posted a few days ago, my comment is up there)

  42. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    vickarman said:

    just adding on to my previous post a few days ago: how do we know who has won? does it get announced on here or what..?

  43. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    Yes it will be announced here.
    Dec 10: 1st winner (today!)
    Dec 15: 2nd winner
    Dec 20: 3rd winner

    All winners will be picked via, so good luck to everyone!

  44. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    who won said:

    so its not based on how legit their response was, your leaving it to random numbers so some weabo little 12 year old can win, when some other more deserving person who wrote a long thoughtful response can lose to a 1 liner because of random numbers? thats not fair to the people that put effort into this man…

  45. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    First of all, thanks to everyone for participating in this giveaway so far. All of you have very valid reasons and great comments on Minecraft. To give everyone a fair shot, there will be randomizer, but some participants will be removed from the list who did not really put any effort into their answer (as pointed out by whowon).

    The first winner is Abrown. Congratz!

    Minecraft giveaway winner

    The giveaway is still open, two more copies will be given away on Dec 15th and 20th.

  46. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Abrown said:

    Thank you so much Oliver, Thank you! I will put my copy to the best of use possible! Thank you!!!!!

  47. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Ryan Protheroe said:

    Minecraft.Well what can i say?
    The game has a infinite amounts of ways to play which i think is the best part.Just the pure ability to do what you want from looking for Bacon to Running away from Creepers, the game is just 100% freedom to do what you want and that is what i think makes minecraft to be what it is.
    Minecraft UserName: RDPRapidFire

  48. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    RallePower said:

    I have played a little minecraft with a friend and it was awesome. All my friends play minecraft but since i’m not 18+ yet i can’t buy it myself. I have always loved creative games and i would really enjoy playing this together with some friends instead of being left out alone. This would be the best Christmas present ever!

  49. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    NSPery said:

    Minecraft is very fun to play, since you can do anything you ever wanted to do. I played Minecraft with my friends account and I must say – it’s freaking brilliant, we had so much fun in SMP, it’s so great that I’d like to have it, but I don’t have a credit card so I don’t have any way to get it. I hope I can win a copy :)


    P.S. I RT’d this!

  50. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    Little update on this. Since Minecraft will go beta on Dec 20th, we will give away two more copies on Dec 15th, so that everyone still has time to purchase the alpha for a good price if he/she should not win.

  51. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Cody said:

    Username: Mr_Toasty_Toast

    I want this game because it’s overall amazing. My friends play it all the time, and since I don’t have it I’m restricted to playing the free version on the website. I very much enjoy the free one, but it doesn’t give you that feel of adventure the paid one seems to give everyone. In the Alpha you have to actually go out and find the things you want to build with while in the free version you have it all already. I want to be able to craft tools and objects to create giant fortresses with working doors and traps. Thank you for considering!

  52. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Samuel Earle said:

    Why i love minecraft?
    I have been playing it since the alpha free weekend and the game was just pure genius. Notch i take my hat of to you for creating one of the most addictive games of all time.

    Me and my little sister have been playing for a while, but just single player. We would love to start up an SMP server for our family and friends as this thing has spread like wildfire through out our household.

    I would have already bought the game, but i do not have a credit card or pay pal which sucks!
    So theres my reasons and good luck to all who are partaking, may the best Creeper WIn! BACCCCONNN!!!!

  53. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    simon said:

    Why i want minecraft, i played it whit a friend and gut stuck fast as the wind. i think it´s really great and big, it may not be the best grapchik but it´s allright if you think about that one guy make this game, i playd on free servers but it´s not that funny when you can´t save, my username is simme337 or Simme1337.

  54. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    christian l123 said:

    I love mind craft becuase of the great things you can create. You can do so much with it. However i do not have the payed version and would love to have it thanks!

  55. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    The two last copies of Minecraft go to MinerDude290 and Parodyse, because they have clearly put the most work into their posts and I think it would be unfair not to reward it. Congratz!
    However, they might already have a copy so it will be given to someone else then.

    Also, for everyone who did not win a copy, there will be another way to get a free copy of Minecraft soon! I will post more information shortly. So, stay tuned for more!

  56. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Kodi Heintz said:

    hi im kodi and i love minecraft because it brings out the creative side of me to where i can build anything from a small cottage to a mansion. Hell i can even build the tower in the lord of the rings (which i did, and it was worth it).or you can just build weapons and armor to kill monsters at night

  57. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jeremy Hardin said:

    I don’t remember how I found Minecraft but I played the online free version and loved it. The game is great because it allows and encourage whatever design you can think of. It’s just a cool looking game that reminds me of the 8-bit days. Oh and you can’t beat free.

  58. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    alpha12w said:

    well i live minecraft for a lot of reasons
    some other people saw it and said stuf like : hhahahaa athose are shitty graphicks, ‘n stuff
    i only said : ” yeah maybe but a game is not only abaut the graphicks its abaut gameplay, story, stuff on the inside that what can you do and minecraft has all of thease above (well exept story but maybe it’l have that too) ”
    so what i lovve abaut minecraft …hmmm i like everything abaut it
    the graphicks are greate from close gooooood and from far FUC*IN AMAZING i love mincraft
    also if it happens that the game engine creates sooo amazing strucktures like thoes owerhangs <3
    also the mobs chalenging,fun and scary at the same time
    also gameplay
    you can build amazing stuff the explosions are nicely made
    some of the houses i made were amazing
    its like when i first saw the game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R witch is wery fun
    but back to minecraft
    the mining the luck and that greate feelin when you find gold or DIAMOND that happiness uhhhh
    so thats a little bit that i mabe whitin 10mins aka the first things that came to my mind
    name on minecraft:alphanet
    code: ************

  59. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Monhkey said:


    Why I need to be the one to get Minecraft? Well,i just allways wanted that game,but allways forget to buy it and now i dont have my PayPal account ready soo enough for Alpha and i dont have pretty much money neither:( So,if you decide to give it to me,i would thank you so many times that you get bored. If i win,my email is

  60. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Monhkey said:

    Oh btw my username n Minecraft website is Monhkey^^

  61. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Parodyse said:

    Wow, thank you so much! I really don’t know what to say other than thanks! I’m seriously just speechless. Great contest and thank you for choosing me sOliver! I know what I’m going to be doing this winter vacation. :P

  62. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    miley said:

    I feel that minecraft is an amazing game, it’s so innovative and creative. I enjoy being able to build my creations and have fun with them. I enjoyed building my own world it was so awesome!!! I couldn’t possibly find another game that let me make my own personal palace. Minecraft is like a personal world you can run away to, in real life I’m just some regular person but in minecraft I can become the king of a great utopia or even a God in a way. I love playing this game, I would have payed for this game the instant I first played but I am still a minor and my parents have enough debt as it is. I’d love to play this game with friends I’ve even told numerous friends about this game and they bought it. I would be so overjoyed to be able to come home and play such a beautiful game with my buddies. Minecraft is like the imaginary world I dream of; this game is simply stunning, even when I play by myself I am awestruck at how thoughtful you guys were to making a game where the players could build there own kingdoms. If I am able to buy or get this game I won’t need a Christmas gift when for christmas I can create my dreams. My username is sierftban. I may sound like a corny fan boy but I love this game. Please help me

  63. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    zzlawlzz said:

    Well, I was playing some free 2 play game with my friends and they were talking about minecraft! I was like “What is minecraft”. I searched google and got this youtube result. So, I clicked it. Then I started getting into the whole Survivalt thing. I wanted to play, but I noticed when I went to the site it said that you had to buy the game and there is a free one called minecraft classic. When I played it, at first I had no idea what I was doing. Then later I was like “Whoa minecraft classic is so fun! But it would be much better if I earned my blocks.” I knew that I needed to find blocks in alpha because I saw all of these videos about minecraft. I thought Minecraft alpha will put my creativity into test :) Well, this is my reason why I want it. I want to survive and be creative and build things while I earn it.

  64. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    SBear said:

    I was told about MineCraft by a few friends. I went on to the website and tried the free version and was instantly hooked. The ability to do pretty much what ever you want is amazing, and I have seen several pieces of MineCraft “Art” that just make the game better. When I tried the free version, I built a large house that eventually turned into a large replica of the Pyramids at Giza. If I don’t ever get the full MineCraft I will continue making pyramids. If I do get the full version, I will still continue making pyramids. (The difference being if I get the full version, I’ll dig up some sand to build them.) I don’t know if this will work, but I’m trying to build a large city built on stilts and then I would remove the stilts to have a floating city. My username is spiritbear43.

    Happy Mining!

  65. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    darthbrick said:

    I’ve played minecraft for about a year now. I found it fun, but wanted to try out alpha. However, I don’t have a credit card, and my parents don’t trust anything oline, so this way i can play minecraft before it goes into beta and get all of the cool things to come. Recently, i have played the alpha free version (the one that notch gave away himsel’f) but as it was only the exe, i’m not able to play it online. Playing classic online is really fun, but it lacks the essentials, doors, tools, certain blocks, fancy lighting, etc.

  66. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Eli said:

    Hello,I’ve known about minecraft for sometime now, I’ve made countless bulding/structures on the Classic version. A couple months ago it was a free to play weekend, I loved it. Unfortunately the weekend ended so fast… I was so desperate to get minecraft before the 20th because I would of had to pay for the updates thus meaning I would never be able to play it with friends again, I searched up a way to get minecraft free without downloading some crack/serial keygen that would most likely give me a virus. Luckly I found this and it lifted some of my hopes in getting this game.

    Thankyou for your time El.
    My username is VooDooClown

  67. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    NickCoppola said:

    I want to get minecraft because i love making things. I used to play with legos all the time and this brings me back

  68. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Arkaym said:

    I like minecraft, because it is a fantastic artistic outlet.

    The sheer volume of creaticity allowed in minecraft is astonishing.

    As an autistic teenager, I’ve found it hard to do basic things.

    But art I like, and minecraft has lots of art.

    My minecraft name is Arkaym. Thankyou.

  69. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Cody said:

    Username: Mr_Toasty_Toast

    Hey, it’s me again, thought I’d come by to say that I tried to buy the game, but failed. I have a paypal account (Student one) and am $3.50 away from it, I asked my parents if they would give that money to me, and the answer was an abrubt no. They said that money is for Emergencies only. Oh well, thought I’d just hang by and check the progress. I wish everyone a great holiday, Minecraft or no Minecraft. Bye!

  70. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Alphawolf333 said:

    I really want Minecraft because you can ddo almost anything you want kill everything in sight make compicates redstone system…just to open a door and Best game ever because its not graphics its about gameplay

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