How to find diamonds in minecraft

One of the rarest material in Minecraft are diamonds. If you want to know how to find diamons in minecraft quickly, here’s how!

Find diamonds minecraft

Diamonds are very deep underground, you will NOT find diamons if you only dig a couple blocks deep. To find diamonds quickly, dig yourself a stairway down until you find the following dark blocks:

Finding diamonds in Minecraft

Also, if you find something like this you are very close to finding diamonds:

Finding lava, water and diamonds

So, all you have to do is to dig very, very deep. If you simly can’t find any diamonds, you might want to try a map viewer for Minecraft that allows you find to find minerals more quickly. One of the best is probably Minecraft X-Ray 2.7, which you can find here.

If you know a quick way to find a lot of diamonds without cheating, let us know below.

Finding Diamonds via MapViewer (Cheating)

1. StepDownload Mineviewer ( from here.
2. Step I created a new scheme for diamonds, download it here: Download MossyCobblestone Scheme .LA
3. Step Rename scheme_diamond.lua to scheme.lua and replace it with your own in the Mineviewer folder.

Or add this to your scheme.lua:

Schemes.DiamondView = { }
Schemes.DiamondView[DiamondOre] = { r = 0.0, g = 0.5, b = 0.7, border = 0.7, b_r = 0.6, b_g = 0.6, b_b = 0.6 }

4. Step Learn how to use the MineViewer

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4 Responses to How to find diamonds in minecraft

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Arrow said:

    Why can’t we break those blocks that is shown in your second photo? What are those blocks?


  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Troy111 said:

    You can’t break those blocks because its level 1 and you can go no deeper.

  3. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Majerman69 said:

    You can brake it but it just takes long ..

  4. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    IncantriX said:

    This tutorial is a start. Here is a method to find diamonds quickly anywhere on any server.

    Here is the quickest method to find diamond:

    * Find a location you would like to dig.

    * Dig a staircase until you reach layer 11 – Layer 11 and 12 is between layers 10-16 which is where diamond is found.

    *Choose a side to dig, either left or right and dig a tunnel that is perpendicular (At a right angle) to the staircase.

    * Every 4 blocks dig a tunnel on either side of this new tunnel.

    * Continue this until you have a satisfactory amount of diamond.

    NOTES: You can start this mine anywhere. Diamond can only be mined using an iron or diamond pickaxe, anything else will not produce diamond. This black rock shown in the above picture is called Bedrock. It is impossible to break.

    Here is a video of a method of diamond mining using Branch Mining:

    I will guarantee you will ahve found at least 1 diamond in a short period of mining, (10 minutes maximum).

    Good luck!


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