How to clear Google toolbar history in Windows 7

Google Toolbar History Clearing the google toolbar history in Windows 7 isn’t so much different from clearing the browser history in Windows 7. Here’s a quick guide.

Clear Google toolbar history via Google toolbar link

The easiest way to clear the Google toolbar history is to simply click on the dropdown field and at the bottom you can click on “clear history”.

Clear Recent History Google toolbar

If you want to clear the Google search history and the toolbar history (there’s a difference!) then you should simply delete your form & search history within your browser. Here’s a guide how to do it in Firefox / IE:

Clear Google (toolbar) history in Firefox

1. Step Open up Firefox
2. StepClick on Tools / Clear Recent History or press CTRL + Shift + Del
3. Step Select Everything from the time range dropdown and check Form & Search History

Clear Google Toolbar History Windows 7
(This is the dark NASA Space theme for Firefox)

4. Step Click on Clear Now
5. Step You have successfully deleted the google toolbar history in Windows 7

Clear Google (toolbar) history in Internet Explorer

1. StepHold down CTRL + Shift + Del or click on Tools / Internet Options and click on Delete
2. Step Check History and Form data
3. Step Click on delete
4. Step You have successfully deleted the google toolbar history in Windows 7!

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Published: Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 Last Modified: July 22, 2010

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