How To Change Default Email in Windows 7

Written by: Oliver Krautscheid - Published: Monday, May 30th, 2011 - Comments

You might always want to change default email program in Windows 7. Just follow the steps below to change default email program in Windows 7.
preview- how to change default email in Windows 7


Steps to change default email in Windows 7

1. Step Click on Start >> Default Programs (if that link is not visible, right-click on Start button, then Properties, then Customize, then Check Default Programs)

step-1-how to change default email in Windows 7

2. Step Click on the ‘Set your default programs’ link
step-2-how to change default email in Windows 7

3. Step On the left side, select one of the programs in the ‘Set your default programs’ box, select ‘Microsoft Office Outlook’. If you have any third party email software like Eudora or Thunderbird that you want to use as your default email program then you can select that.

step-3-how to change default email in Windows 7

4. Step Now click on the ‘Set this program as default’ and then click ok.
step-4-how to change default email in Windows 7


Follow the steps above to change your default email program. Still problems? Post belo.w

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Written by: Oliver Krautscheid
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2 Responses to How To Change Default Email in Windows 7

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jodie said:

    I cant change from this stupid windows live. to it is not in any drop down.but i have and no where to add it. I DONT LIKE WINDOS LIVE. I want frontier

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jarrett Ridlinghafer said:


    For Example It used to Open My Gmail Web Mail when I went to my Browser Menu under File/Email Link however now for some reason my PC opens Outlook! Which I have never used in my life!

    So when I go to the “Default” menu as you state its all well and good however under Outlook when I go to try to change the MAILTO setting it is all greyed out, there is no way to change the actual settings!

    Some explanation about how to get around this “FEATURE” would sure be helpful!

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