How to add custom icons to your Windows 7 desktop

Fed up with the boring Windows 7 default Icons? Read this tutorial to add a few custom icons.

custom icons in Windows 7

Tip: If you have PNG images, you can easily convert them to custom desktop icons using online services like convertico

Tip 2: For a list of images stored in imagres.dll click here

Make Custom Icons in Windows 7

The set of default icons that comes with Windows 7 can sometime be dull and boring. To bring life to your desktop and customize icons, Windows 7 allows you to change desktop icons quite easily. You can select from a few built-in icon sets or download icons online – make sure they are using the format .ico

.ico file can also be added to Windows 7 themepack themes

1. Step Right Click on the desktop and select Personalize.


2. Step In the Personalization Window, click on Change desktop icons in the left pane.

change desktop icons

3. Step The Desktop Icon Settings window will appear, select the icon and click Change Icon.

change icon

4. Step A small windows will appear displaying the Windows 7 icon collection. You can select any icons or browse to your own icon collection. Select the icon and Click OK.

select icon

5. Step Now if you want to change any icon for desktop shortcuts not mentioned above, simply right click on it and select Properties.


6. Step Select the Customize Tab and click on Change Icon.

change icon

7. Step A small windows will appear displaying the default icon collection, you can select one or browse to your own icon collection. Select the Icon and Click OK.

select icon

Adding your own icons is easy and fun

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2 Responses to How to add custom icons to your Windows 7 desktop

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Ed said:

    The tutorial on “Make Custom Icons in Windows 7″ just describes the Windows 7 mechanism for changing folder icons.

    I was looking to add custom icons to Windows 7 – so my query is there a good program (freeware or fair priced) or utilty to add a group of custom .ico files to any of the 3 icon .dll files in Windows 7 System32 of a running system.

    The 3 “.dll”‘s being:

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    oliversk said:

    Hi Ed, here are the tutorials you are looking for and the programs:

    We recommend ResourceHacker for the job. Please use the search box next time. Thanks!

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