Halo 5 News: Microsoft Hiring For Next-Generation Halo Title – The Details

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Even before Halo 4 releases, Microsoft is hiring a next-generation graphics developer, possibly for Halo 5. The 4th parts marks the beginning of the Reclaimer trilogy, so expect the next Halo title to launch on the next-generation Xbox.

Want to work for 343 Industries, the developer of the Halo series? They’re hiring a next-generation graphics developer

We’re expecting Microsoft to announce the next-generation Xbox console at E3 2013, probably for a release holiday 2013/early 2014. A title sure to launch on the console is Halo 5, and Halo 6, and Microsoft is looking for a next-generation graphics developer to work on the franchise.

Microsoft says in the post the next installment in the Reclaimer trilogy is in production, which probably isn’t a surprise as Bungie put a small team on Halo: ODST while the rest of the studio on Halo 3. The same approach was made when developing Halo: Reach; the studio said, when concepting ideas, that Halo 4 was discussed.

Hints Towards Next-Generation Xbox

Among the requirements DirectX 11 is a bonus, which hints toward the feature set of the next-generation Xbox (the Xbox 360 uses DirectX 9). Halo 4 looks great on the current Xbox 360 hardware, probably down to Corrinne Yu, formerly of the Space Shuttle Program. She’s probably been a key force behind the code, which is based on Halo: Reach but 343 Industries has said the game is completely rebuilt.

Earlier job postings this year looked for people to work in a team in the UK for the next-generation Xbox, so Microsoft is certainly building up towards the console’s launch. With Halo 5 in production according to Microsoft, a three-year development cycle – which it has traditionally taken for mainline Halo games – will put Halo 5 at a 2015 release. Between then we could see another Halo title if Microsoft wants to have annual Halo title, perhaps in the form of a HD version of Halo 2. We saw later into Bungie’s rein with Halo ODST and Wars between Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.

Halo 4 got a very positive reception at E3 2012, surprising because the studio is unproven. The game is bringing big changes across campaign, multiplayer and Spartan Ops – the cooperative, episodic campaign – with instant respawns and loadouts changing the formula compared to previous Halo games.

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