Get 10 Anime Themes for Windows 7 With Latest Icons, Sounds Incl. Death Note And DBZ

Do you like Anime TV shows or Anime characters in general? We got a nice selection of 10 different themes for Windows 7 with wallpapers, icons, cursors of your favorite shows. If you want a fully customized desktop, check this out

Anime Themes For Windows 7.Jpg

Most of the Anime themes below are .themepack files, which means you can install the icons, cursors, wallpapers and everything else with a simple double-click on the .themepack file. However, some of the themes that include sub-folders may require you to replace system files. Before you do this on your own, please read through our extensive guides.

Our Tutorial Section

1. Fairy Tail Themepack

This Fairy Tail theme adds new icons and a sound theme. Pretty cool

2D Fairy Tail Theme Windows 7 Theme
Download 2D Fairy Tail Theme Windows 7 | Mirror

2. A Death Note Themepack

Death Note Themepack with icons, wallpapers and what not

2D Death Note Theme
Download 2D Death Note | Mirror

4. Win7 Harry Dresden Theme

You want a theme that adds a new cursor, font and icon all themed to fit your Harrdy Dresden desktop? Sure, try this:

2D Win7 Harry Dresden Theme Theme
Download 2D Win7 Harry Dresden Theme | Mirror

5. Download This Dragon Ball Theme for Windows 7

Yet another DBZ theme

2D dragon ball custopack Theme
Download 2D dragon ball custopack | Mirror

6. K-ON!! Yui Hirasawa Visual Style For Windows 7

If you like K-ON!! Yui Hirasawa  this is probably the best desktop theme for you with a cool Start menu, nice wallpapers and lots of goodies

2D K-ON!! Yui Hirasawa VS For Windows 7 Theme
Download 2D K-ON!! Yui Hirasawa VS For Windows 7 | Mirror

7. Win7 Dragon Theme Automated Install

Extract rar files and install the theme, icons, start orbs and wallpapers.

2D Win7 Dragon Theme Automated Installs Theme
Download 2D Win7 Dragon Theme Automated Installs | Mirror

8. [ 2012 theme ] Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is the latest update to the special Anime shell theme created for all fans of the popular character.

2D [ 2012 theme ] Hatsune Miku Theme
Download 2D [ 2012 theme ] Hatsune Miku> | Mirror

9. Another Death Note Skin

If you want a new Start Menu, give this theme a try

2D Tema Death Note windows 7 Theme
Download 2D Tema Death Note windows 7 | Mirror

10. Naruto Skin For All Fans

Like Naruto? Sure, get this Kazekage gaara themepack with some cool modifications


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