Ultimate Firefox Mac Theme

Do you like the design of Mac OS X “Snow Leopard”? If so, you might want to download this Mac Firefox theme! You can also download 50+ other Firefox themes after the break.

Mac OS X Firefox theme

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Firefox Mac Theme Screenshots
Firefox 4 Mac Theme Mockups
Mac Firefox Themes “Personas”
Download Mac Firefox Theme
How to install Firefox Jar Themes

Firefox Mac Theme Screenshots

Here are a couple screenshots of the Mac theme for Firefox 3:

Firefox Navigation Buttons:
Firefox Mac Navigation Buttons

Blue Mac Scrollbars
Mac Scrollbars

Mac Buttons:
Mac Buttons

Mac Ribbons:
Firefox Mac Ribbons

Yellow popup message:
Popup message

Mac Search

Download Firefox Mac Theme

You can download this Firefox theme here. Make sure to read the attached tutorial if you don’t know how to install it.

Mac OS X Theme for Firefox

Download Firefox Mac Theme

Again, if you don’t have a clue how to install this theme. Read our guide, you only have to drag the jar file onto the firefox theme panel and it will auto-install.

How to install Firefox Jar Themes

Firefox 4 Mac Theme Mockups

Firefox 4 for Mac will include a real Mac theme for Firefox. Mozilla has a couple mockups how this theme is going to look like. So, if you own a Mac, you can look forward to this:

Firefox 4 Mac Theme

Mac Firefox Themes “Personas”

There are different types of Firefox themes. There are “Personas” and real themes (jar files). The following themes are Personas, but they’re still quite nice. If you are looking for a real Firefox theme, then download the jar theme above.

Mac OS X Firefox theme

Mac OS X Firefox theme

Download Firefox Themes

Windows 7 OS X “Snow Leopard” Theme

Windows 7 Mac Theme

Looking for a Mac Theme for Windows 7? Download our top theme here.

If you have any requests, feedback or problems, let us know. Installing the theme should be really easy and a lot easier than installing custom Windows 7 themes for example.

Published: Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 Last Modified: September 22, 2010

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