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Evernote Update Brings More Touch Features To Windows 8 and 8.1 App

Written by: Dave Amodt - Published: Monday, July 8th, 2013

In Windows 8 and Windows Touch news, Evernote released a brand new update that gives users the ability to use the widely popular program in all new exciting ways. The touch updates give users a new interface, a touch support update, and business support that will help users 24/7.


On the Evernote blog on Friday, the company announced a major upgrade for Windows Touch Support, which users of Microsoft’s Windows 8 and upcoming Windows 8.1 increased support for Evernote. The hugely popular program for personal and business users give Windows Touch support users that enjoy touch will use right away.


New Hub Page

Windows 8 Users of Evernote will see a brand new hub page when they start the new Evernote program. The new hub page, which includes touch support gives users access to new note options, shortcuts, recent activity, notes, notebooks, and tag support with Evernote. All users need to do it tap on an arrow in the column header, and they can use the new features of Evernote.

Business Support Options

The new updates for Evernote now also include Windows Touch support. Users can jump into their company’s Business Library and access their notebooks column with a simple touch on their Windows touch device. The ability to include Business support in the Windows touch environment gives Evernote even more business and enterprise support for Windows 8.

Overall Windows 8 Updates Made

Lastly, users of the new Windows Touch revised Evernote application will be able to view frequent notes, creating shortcuts within the app, place a note on the main hub for easy access, format notes for reading, and more.

This makes one of the major updates for Evernote on Windows 8 and for Windows Touch. This program is used by millions of personal and business programs and is a major step forward for Windows 8 users. The increased security via two-step authentication gives users increased security as well. Users can use Evernote in exciting new ways, and gives increased performance updates that they can use in all new ways. This should give business and enterprise customers more reasons to use Windows 8 in their daily work, and gives Evernote a major presence in the future of Windows 8 and Windows Touch in the future.




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Written by: Dave Amodt
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