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Download Windows 7 Themes Since our site is growing so much every day, it might be hard for some people to find what you want. Therefore I thought it would be great to have a list of all themes that you can download from here.

Let’s rock …

Each headline states the operating system or browser.

Windows 7 Themes

Windows Cursors And Mouse Pointers.png

Windows Cursors And Mouse Pointers.png

Even More:


Holiday Themes:

WindowBlinds Themes:

Windows 8 Themes

Windows Cursors And Mouse Pointers.png

Vista / XP Themes

Vista Themes

Firefox Themes

Ubuntu Themes

Windows Mobile Themes

I hope this list will help some people to find what they want.

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Posted: Nov 09 | Filed under: Windows 7 Themes

Do you want a fancy new logon background? The default Windows 7 logon background is pretty boring, let’s replace it!
You can apply any wallpaper as a logon background with the right tool.

Logon Changer

Download Torrent


Posted: Nov 05 | Filed under: Windows 7 Themes

Have you upgraded to Firefox 3.5 yet? If so, you might want to get a theme for your firefox that fits to your current Windows 7 edition.
The default theme of firefox is not transparent and is a simple grey theme, pretty boring, right? One way to improve that would be to check out the latest firefox personas (for beta 3.6) or to get a new theme for 3.5.


Posted: Nov 05 | Filed under: Windows 7 Themes

Fonts are so much more than just text designs. They express so much and sometimes don’t even differ that much from each other. Small changes can have dramatic effects. Microsoft added plenty of new fonts in Windows 7 that you should be aware of, especially if your native language is not using the roman alphabet.

“There are now about as many different varieties of letters as there are different kinds of fools.” Eric Gill

(Download 2000 New Windows 7 Fonts Inside)

Posted: Nov 03 | Filed under: Windows 7 Themes

This will be a guide how to install Windows 7 themes properly. You can install themepacks created on Windows 7 by double-clicking on it, but for 3rd party themes you will have to patch your uxtheme.dll and some other dll files first.

How to install Windows 7 themes


Posted: Nov 02 | Filed under: Windows 7 Themes

Checking compatibility Windows 7 It looks like many people have problems updating from Vista to Windows 7.
Some people who tried to upgrade even encountered some serious reboot loops (caused by a broken update installation).

I always recommend a fresh and clean install to my friends, because that is simply the best way, although it involves more work.
Luckily, Microsoft is acting fast and updated the “Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor” for Windows XP/Windows Vista. This tool checks if your system is ready for Windows 7.


Posted: Oct 31 | Filed under: Windows 7 Themes

I hope you’ll have a great halloween 2009.
If you are looking for halloween wallpaper, themes, icons and sounds, you’ll find plenty on our site. Here’s a quick overview…


Published: Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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