Download Free Windows 7 Aero Themes!

Here’s a recap of the latest free Windows 7 Aero themes! We’ve had some great submission and also created a lot of free desktop themes recently, so enjoy the freebies and start downloading some of the newest Aero themes on our site.

Free Windows 7 Aero Themes

Download Ghost Recon Skull Windows 7 Aero Theme

Do you play any “Tom Clancy” games? If you do, you probably know Ghost Recon. Ghost Recon Future Soldier, the upcoming Ghost Recon installment, is an awesome game and deserves it’s own Windows 7 theme:

Ghost Recon Skull Theme Ghost Recon Skull Orb Ghost Recon Skull Orb

Download Windows 7 Graffiti Aero Theme

Graffiti is your way to express yourself or you just love graffiti artists and their work? This Graffiti theme is dedicated to you:

Windows 7 Graffiti Theme

Download Mafia 2 HD Windows 7 Aero Theme

If you’re loving the world of the Mafia universe, this free theme is for you!  Mafia Wars on Facebook proves it, the Mafia has never been hotter.

Mafia 2 Windows 7 Theme

Download Windows 7 Aero Space Theme

What lies beyond the visible universe? How large is the universe? When will it stop expanding? Are there multiple universes? The mystery of galaxy and space attracts many of us. It’s the unexplainable that drives our curiosity to its limit.

Windows 7 Space Theme

Download Free Alien vs. Predator Windows 7 Theme

Godfather78 has created a very awesome desktop theme for us, a theme dedicated to all AvP fans out there. If you enjoyed the Alien vs Predator movies or games, grab this free theme. Feedback goes to

Windows 7 Alien Vs Predator Theme

Download Windows 7 Nature Theme: Green Grass Aero

Another user submission (if the submitter is reading this, let us know who you are!). This delightful nature theme is for all people who like green grass. Download this great theme if you like the harmony of nature and refreshing green grass.

Windows 7 Nature Theme: green grass

How to enable Windows 7 Aero Theme

If you want to enable the Windows 7 Aero Themes, you first have to know that your Windows Experience Index has to be calculated properly. If it’s already calculated and your Windows 7 Aero Themes still don’t work, you might want to read our tutorial:

More Windows 7 Aero Themes

If you are looking for more Aero Themes for Windows 7, you’ll basically find not a single theme on this site that is NOT an Aero theme! Yep, all of our themes have full Aero support!

You definitely have to check out our other free Windows 7 Aero Themes and our download page, filled with loads of awesome Aero themes.

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    How do I restart my existing Aero system?

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