Download 10 More Green Windows 7 Nature Themes

Can’t get enough green Windows 7 themes? Green is a nice color and very relaxing. Here are 10 more green Windows 7 nature themes.

10 Green Nature Windows 7 Themes

1. Leaf Visual Style for Windows7

The much awaited Leaf Visual Style for Windows 7 is here! 6 SUBTHEMES INCLUDED: top, top-small-fonts, bottom, bottom-small-fonts + an extra variation of the bottom versions: Bottom Flat (normal and small fonts)!!!! Plus the same cool versions have now a new variation with changed window caption buttons!

Green Leaf Theme
Download Green Leaf | Mirror

2. Cushy 1.2 – fixed

Super clean! Love it. Really accents everything. All the custom details really pop out. Awesome style!

Green Cushy 1.2 Theme
Download Green Cushy 1.2 | Mirror

3. Glass Onion for W7

This VS is for Windows 7. It’s tested and working on both 32 and 64-bit versions. Updated for SP1.

Green Glass Onion Theme
Download Green Glass Onion | Mirror

4. Classic V2 beta 2

I haven’t addressed most of the bugs yet, i just changed up the taskbar and added the borders version for people to test out. With the borders version you should have no trouble with Chrome and Opera and the titlebar icon looks better for those who wish not to remove icons. You may still need to remove blur so that the curvey top frame corners look right.

Green Classic V2 Theme
Download Green Classic V2 | Mirror

5. Tanzo7

Place the themes in your “…\Windows\Resources\Themes” folder. For the StartButton you need to use Win 7 Start Button Changer.

Green Tanzo7 Theme
Download Green Tanzo7 | Mirror

6. Whaddyathink 7 Release – Beta

Before this one would turn to a neverending story I decided to release something functional. There are still untouched default Aero visual style graphics but I think the visual style still looks good in this state.

Green Whaddyathink 7 Theme
Download Green Whaddyathink 7 | Mirror

7. Celestica Beta

I decided to release a beta version of Celestica. This includes only the most basic: Two visual styles, one for top taskbar and one for bottom taskbar (Side taskbar NOT supported). Please do note this VS have some bugs as it’s not final.

Green Celestica Beta Theme
Download Green Celestica Beta | Mirror

8. Windows 7 Fake pack

Really great work, download it and enjoy!

Green Windows 7 Fake pack Theme
Download Green Windows 7 Fake pack | Mirror

9. AeroSquared CS

This is an exact copy of the original Windows Aero theme, but the rounded corners have been replaced with square corners (hence the name).

Green AeroSquared CS Theme
Download Green AeroSquared CS | Mirror

10. My JONGHYUNPARK Desktop V.2

I like this one alot better than the last version, so i wanted to show how i set it up and how it looks. i wish i there was a way to replace the play buttons on itunes taskbar aero peek preview, like the windows media player but i guess i can deal.

Green My JONGHYUNPARK Desktop Theme
Download Green My JONGHYUNPARK Desktop | Mirror

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