Call of Duty 7 Release Date Revealed?

Great news, we finally have a release date for Call of Duty 7! As previously reported, we already knew that Call of Duty 7 (Vietnam) is coming out this year in 2010. Ee expected that Call of Duty 7 would be released in November 2010, but it looks like we can expect it a little bit earlier!

Call of Duty 7 Release Date

According to a, an internal sheet handed to the online retailer reveals the release date for Call of Duty 7, Band Hero 2, Brink, DJ Hero 2, Fallout Vegas and other video games coming out in 2010. It’s October 2010!

You can view the complete sheet here:
Internal Sheet for upcoming XBOX360 games

Ok, the Call of Duty 7 release date might not be engraved in stone, because Activision has to confirm the release date for CoD7 first, but at least we have a confirmation that it will be coming out in October or November this year and not later. Who knows, maybe they’ll bring out the first Call of Duty 7 map pack right in time for the holidays, including some of the best CoD6 maps.

Supposedly, Activision will not release any new material about Call of Duty 7 until the E3 in June, so we’re left with speculations and rumors.

Call of Duty 7 Release Date Sheet

Call of Duty 7 Pictures

Some of the leaked Call of Duty 7 pictures:

More Info about Call of Duty 7

If you want to find out more about Call of Duty 7, you might want to check out the Call of Duty 7 Trailer, unofficial Call of Duty 7 Wallpaper and Call of Duty 7 weapons.

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Published: Sunday, March 28th, 2010 Last Modified: March 28, 2010

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