Beginner: Change Default Program To Open Files In Windows 8 Via “Open With” Option

default programs File associations make it really easy to change the default program you are opening certain file-types with. Using the “Open With” option is another possibility that should be easier for beginners

Every file is opened by a Default program. Certain text files use as the default program the built-in Notepad. Obviously, you can change the default program to open certain filetypes. The following tutorial will show you how to change the default program.


1. Step Select a file, (e.g. .txt file) Right click on it-> Go to Open With-> Select Choose default program.

Open With

2. Step A list of default programs comes up. If the program you want to open it with is not on the list > click See All.

See All Default

3. Step All the programs will be displayed and you can select the required program.

Select Default Program

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