Fun App: Add sound to slow progress bars ♫

You want more than just visual effects and themes? You want something for your ears to hear? How about adding some sounds to slow progress bars?

Add Music to Progress Bar

Elevator Music For The Win

The tool is called Instant Elevator Music and will add elevator music to your progress bar, but you can also select another track.

By default IEM will add music to anything with a progress bar, but it will also work with Firefox downloads, DownThemAll! downloads, TeraCopy file operations, TortoiseSVN operations, Microsoft Office splash screen, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, 7zip, Internet Explorer, Audacity, VMWAre, Virtual PC and most Windows installers like the installer of our free iPad theme!

Add Music to Progress Bar

Ok .. so, what’s the best waiting music EVER? Yep..wait for it … this one:

Now grab this fun app from and download the Jeopardy theme song from here.

Published: Sunday, April 12th, 2015 Last Modified: April 12, 2015

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