Add new cursors to your Windows 8 computer [Customization Tutorial #1]

Adding cursors in Windows 8 might be fun as you might be bored seeing same default cursor everytime. In this tutorial, we are showing you how to add new cursors in Windows 8

preview-how to add new cursors in windows 8

We are sure many of you are already familiar with cursors, so if you already know how to install them, you may want to download some of our Windows 8 mouse pointers now

Steps to add custom *.CUR/*.ANI files

1. Step Open the Control Panel by clicking on the Control Panel tile on the Start Screen.

step-1-how to add new cursors in windows 8

2. Step A control panel Window opens. Scroll down and click on the More Settings.

step-2-how to add new cursors in windows 8

3. Step Next, click on the Large icons in ‘View by’ drop down menu located at the top-right corner.

step-3-how to add new cursors in windows 8

4. Step Next, click on the Mouse.

step-4-how to add new cursors in windows 8

5. Step Next, click on the Pointers tab and click on the Browse button to select cursor.

step-5-how to add new cursors in windows 8

6. Step Next, select the cursor you want to use and click on the Open button. Make sure you already have a cursor in your system. You can download some good cursors for Windows 8 here or  sites like Download the cursor, save it to your computer and locate it. Usually cursors are bundled in zip file so you will have to extract it before using it.

step-6-how to add new cursors in windows 8

7. Step Now the cursor you have just selected will be shown. Click on the Apply and then OK. The cursor we have selected will be shown in Normal Select event. Likewise you can customize cursor for every event. That are the complete steps to add new cursors in Windows 8.

step-7-how to add new cursors in windows 8


To change the default Windows 8 cursor, follow the steps provided in this tutorial. For more help, post below

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    me said:

    I don’t have a control panel on start. -.-

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    oliversk said:

    Hit CTRL + F on your keyboard (hold) and then enter “control panel” and select Settings


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