8 Best Custom Widescreen Windows 7 Themes + Logon Mods

Here are the 8 best widescreen Windows 7 themes and logon screen mods, including a Windows XP Logon screen mod for Windows 7, a Skyrim theme and a Google wallpaper.

8 Best Widescreen Windows 7 Themes

1. TES V: Skyrim Widescreen Windows 7 Theme

A Windows 7 theme of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with pictures of Alduin’s Wall, Bethesda-released screenshots – works great on widescreen monitors.

Widescreen TES V: Skyrim Windows 7 Theme
Download Widescreen TES V: Skyrim Windows 7 | Mirror

2. Lumen-Soliq Windows 7 Themes

A great Windows 7 theme that works good on widescreen monitors.

Widescreen Lumen-Soliq VS Theme
Download Widescreen Lumen-Soliq VS | Mirror

3. Windows 7 OEM Toshiba Themes

Windows 7 OEM Bundle Toshiba Themes. 4 WideScreen Themes

Widescreen Windows 7 OEM Toshiba Theme
Download Widescreen Windows 7 OEM Toshiba | Mirror

4. XP Logon Screen for  Windows 7

XP Logon for Windows 7 w/ authui.dll. If you want to turn your Windows 7 logon screen into a XP logon screen.

Widescreen XP Logon for 7 Theme
Download Widescreen XP Logon for 7 | Mirror

5. Widescreen Themes for Windows 7: Aero 7

One of the best Windows 7 themes for widescreen users.

Widescreen Aero 7 Theme
Download Widescreen Aero 7 | Mirror

8. Windows 7 KDE se7en Patcher 1.08.43 Full

KDE se7en Patcher – popular tool for Windows 7.

Widescreen KDE se7en Patcher 1.08.43 Full Theme
Download Widescreen KDE se7en Patcher 1.08.43 Full | Mirror

9. Widescreen Monsters Logon for Windows 7

According to the author, you need TuneUp Styler (TuneUp utilities) for install this theme.

Widescreen Monsters Logon Windows 7 Theme
Download Widescreen Monsters Logon Windows 7 | Mirror

10. Widescreen Google Wallpaper

A widescreen Google wallpaper theme.

Widescreen Wallpaper Google Theme
Download Widescreen Wallpaper Google | Mirror


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We are regularly on the lookout for new custom themes for Windows 7, so if you are an active DeviantArt user, make sure to upload your Windows 7 themes

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