3 iPad “Must Have Apps” for 2011

There are thousands of applications for the Apple iPad and iPad 2. Here are 3 of the “must have apps”.

iPad Must Have Apps for 2011

Our three must-have apps for the iPad are:

1. Step DocToGo
2. Step Dungeon Hunter
3. Step Epicurious

Everyone who owns an iPad uses it in different ways. Some use it to help them in their business and offices, some use it as a gadget for personal entertainment and some uses it as a helper very much like a Smartphone that could be an electronic Virtual assistant but the uses of iPad is not just limited to what was mentioned above.

Your Mobile iPad Office: DocsToGo

iPad Must Have Apps DocsToGo

For everyone especially students, business and office people, this application is very useful because DocsTogo is like an iPad version of Microsoft Office which is really useful. It can read various formats of documents. Whether your file is created with Power Point or other MS office application, DocsToGo can handle them. Another reason why this application is useful is because it works great with cloud computing documents like Google Docs and SugarSync. Now, why did I say this application is useful to everyone? Simply because we are now living in a fast changing world and technology is now a part of our daily lives. At least every once in a while we need something to write, be it for personal or professional matter. Imagine this, what if there was suddenly a power interruption and you really need to submit or write and send a document and the only device you have is your iPad. Wouldn’t it be nice to still be able to do what you need to do despite the power interruption? In addition to that, this greatly improves you mobility.

Must-Have iPad Game: Dungeon Hunter

iPad Must Have Game

Entertainment is now a part of everyone’s life. It is a way to relax, unwind and be stress free. Since there are iPad applications that can give a person some entertainment, Dungeon Hunter is another application that you must have.

Dungeon Hunter is a role playing game which is very much like Diablo and World of Warcraft but please be warned that this iPad application is extremely fun and incredibly addictive. Give this application a try and while playing it, treat it as a stress remover. You’ll be glad you did.

Must-have? 100% fun game

Cooking App: Epicurious

iPad Must Have App Epicurious

Whether you are living alone or a person with you own family, this application will be very useful. Epicurious iPad application is very much like the Epicuruous website where you can find courses, ingredients, spices and more. And yeah this could save you some money too. How? Consider this, if you are craving for pizza and if you buy one, it would cost you money but if you use the Epicurious application and discovered how easy it is to make a pizza and did it yourself then that means more savings for you and an added advantage is that you taught yourself how to make your own pizza. Another thing great about this iPad application is that it generates an editable shopping list that you can refer to whenever you are going to pick up groceries. Trust me, this application minimized the tendency for me to forget what I need to pick up in the grocery store. Great help!

Why is it a must-have app? The best thing about epicurious is that this application can be downloaded for free. Just do a search for iPad Epicurious application and you should find a lot of download sites for it.

What are you 3 Must-Have iPad Apps?

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