22-step guide that explains how we can rename the Windows 8 user folder

rename the userfolder Renaming your user account does not rename the associated user profile folder. To rename the Windows 8 user folder, follow this guide

1. Step Open the Charms bar by moving your mouse pointer over the right corner of your screen. Alternatively you may press Windows key + C on Start screen to open Charms bar. Then select Search.

Open charms rename folder

2. Step Next, type ‘Control Panel’ into the search box and click the search button. Then click on the Control Panel icon on the left side of the pane.

Control panel rename folder

3. Step Next, Click On ‘Add or remove user accounts’ under ‘User Accounts and Family Safety’.

Add remove user rename folder

4. Step First, we need to create a new user account. The account name should match the name of your new user folder To do that, select ‘Add a new user’. Later you can delete this user account after renaming the user folder.

Add new user rename folder

5. Step Next, click on ‘Add a user’ on the right pane.

Add a user rename folder

6. Step Select ‘Dont want this user to sign in with a Microsoft account?’ and click on Next 

Dont want rename folder

7. Step Next, select Local account.

Local account rename folder

8. Step Enter  your new user name and click on the Next button.

Give username rename folder

9. Step Next, click Finish.

Click finish rename folder

10. Step Click the user account you have just created.

Select user account rename folder

11. Select ‘Change the account type’.

Change account type rename

12. Select ‘Administrator’ and click on the ‘Change Account Type’ button.

Select administrator rename folder

13. Next, Sign out (log off) by clicking your user name on the Start screen and select Sign out. Then log in again with the new user account that you have created

Login with new account

14. Next, open the Windows Explorer by clicking on the Explorer tile on the Start screen.

Windows explorer rename folder

15. Navigate to C:\users and then right click on the old user folder that you want to rename. And select Rename.

Rename old user

16. Next, enter a new name and press enter. If you are unable to rename the folder then you will have to restart your PC and try again. Make sure you log in with new user account.

Give new name

17. Next, to avoid errors, we will have to edit an registry entry. Open the registry editor  by typing regedit into the App search.

Open regedit rename folder

18. Next, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Profile list rename folder

19. Right-click on the profile list and select Find.

Select find rename folder

20. Type your old username in the “Find what” text box and click on the “Find Next” button.

Type old name rename folder

21. Next, right click on the “ProfileImagePath” on the right pane which shows your username and select Modify.

Right click profileimagepath

22. Finally, replace the old folder name with the new user name you have added to the Value data text box and click OK. That are basically the complete steps to rename the Windows 8 user folder.

Replace old name rename


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One Response to 22-step guide that explains how we can rename the Windows 8 user folder

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Seosamh said:

    Should step 22 not have: Value Data: c:\users\fileoverhere (name of the renamed folder)?
    Entering the new user name is incorrect and will destroy your Windows * setup. Be careful!

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