13 Tips To Speed Up Diablo 3, Decrease Latency And Increase FPS

Diablo 3 Launcher Disable Peer To Peer Already enjoying the Diablo 3 beta, but you have a high latency or low FPS? Make sure to speed up Diablo 3 with the following 13 tips.

1. StepDisable Peer-To-Peer

Open the Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III Beta then open the Diablo 3 launcher, click on Options

Diablo 3 Launcher Disable Peer To Peer

Then uncheck the option Enable Peer-to-Peer Transfer

2. StepDisable VSync

Within Diablo 3 go to  Options

Turn Vsync Off In Diablo3 Options

Then uncheck the option Vertical Sync

3.Change Graphic Settings

Make sure to consider changing the textures quality, shadow quality, physics quality, FSAA Level

Turn Vsync Off In Diablo3 Options

4.Change Sound Quality To Low

It may help to also lower the quality of your sound

Try Our Latency Fix For WoW – Could Work For Diablo 3

We haven’t tested this yet, but the following fix helped a lot of users to speed up WoW on Windows 7 and decrease their latency.

Reduce latency in WoW: Windows 7

Get the Windows 7 latency fix

5. StepGet GameBooster from iobit.com

A great way to speed up Diablo 3 is to simply stop background services – whenever you play you can temporarily stop them using iObit’s GameBooster

making skyrim run faster

6. Step Check Windows Tray

Got a lot of stuff in your tray? Not a good sign, close them

Shut down Tray programs

7. Step Latest Drivers?

Update graphic card drivers

NVidia might have improved their drivers for Diablo 3 by the time you read this, make sure to stay updated

Latest NVIDIA Video Card Driver Updates for Windows 7

8. StepDisable Windows Shadows And Effects For Best Performance

Although it’s probably not going to make THAT much of a difference, you may want to consider downloading this tweak

Toggle Between Best Performance and best appearance

Download Toggle Tweak 

9. StepStopping The Windows 7 Themes Service

Open the list of services by entering services.msc into the search bar and then scroll down to stop the Themes service

Stop Themes Service

10. StepDisable Windows Services

Many services are not needed and consume valuable resources. Read our list of services that are safe to disable

11.Hardware Overclocking 

Overclocking Software for Windows 7
Do some research on this topic. If you are new to overclocking hardware consult some experts first or you might end up breaking your PC and you can not play Diablo 3 at all

12. Identify High Disk I/O Problems

Open the resource manager - and find all processes with possible high disk I/O – kill them

Windows 7 Resource Monitor

13.Defrag Drive Or Get A SSD

Defrag your hard drive  – If you want to speed up Diablo 3, but you have a slow hard drive it’s going to be difficult, especially if your hard drive is fragmented. If you can pick up a SSD to improve your performance. Make sure to read our tips on how to optimize a SSD

Got some more essential tips how to make Diablo 3 faster? Let us know what you did to speed up the game below!

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  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Caleb said:

    It’s also been proven that turning off “Shadows” can definitely increase you frame rates.

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