10 Very Beautiful Windows 7 Themes With Sky Wallpapers [Shell Themes]

Are you looking for some beautiful Windows 7 themes with sky wallpapers and innovative ideas? After the break you will find some cool Windows 7 themes that will make your Windows 7 jump list fully transparent or one theme that almost removes all of the main elements from your desktop, making it the perfect Windows 7 theme for all minimalistic people. Be warned, you’ll only find shell themes below, learn how to install shell themes here.

Beautiful Windows 7 Themes With Sky Wallpapers

1. “Sky” Visual Style for Windows 7

Aero Sky with a nice glossy Start menu. Very nice Windows 7 theme for people who only want to modify the shell a tiny bit.
Download Sky | Mirror

2. Nightfall for Windows 7

Do you like the sky in the evenings? Cool Windows 7 theme with a smooth design and some incredibly beautiful sky wallpapers.
Download Nightfall | Mirror

3. Vienna Shell Theme for Windows 7

This theme stands out thanks to a very minimalistic design. New hover effects for the captions buttons and no rounded corners. Also the taskbar has a pretty clean design. Loving it! More Windows 7 themes like this one please!

Download Vienna | Mirror

4. Top Windows 7 Themes: Oops With Transparent Jump Lists!

Cool futuristic design. The jump lists in Windows 7 will be transparent when you apply this theme. I also like the new grey start orb and the overall look and feel of the theme. One of the best themes for fans of transparent, glossy themes.

Download Oops | Mirror

5. Windows 7 Azure – Stylish Themes

Azure modifies the system icons, taskbar and shell style and has some pretty cool sky wallpapers as well. Check it out:

Download Azure | Mirror

6. Sky theme by.”tochpc.ru”

Very interesting theme with really cool icons. On the screenshot below you can see that the author is using “small icon size”. The theme modifies the Start menu and orb, as well as the taskbar. The taskbar has a glossy effect. In combination with the sky wallpapers, it’s a very beautiful theme.

Download Sky | Mirror

7. Basic Windows 7 Shell Themes With Stunning Sky Wallpaper

A very basic theme that only modifies some parts like your Start orb. Still, the included sky wallpapers are stunning.
Download Basic | Mirror

8. Stealth 1.77 – EXTREME MINIMALISM For Windows 7

Wow, if you like minimalistic Windows 7 themes (hell yea, I do) then you got to give this theme a try. One of the most innovative themes I’ve seen lately.

How to:

Minimize the place list
Right click the start menu > properties > customize > click don’t display this item for all

Minimal Taskbar
Right click taskbar > properties > notification area (customize)
Hide notifications icons for everything
Hide clock by clicking turn system icons on or off > clock

Invisible or Start Button
Open Windows 7 Start Orb Changer (in tweaks folder), and click Backup explorer (stored in windows folder).
Click change orb and navigate to the folder where you will see invisible and stealth orbs.bmp

Stealth Theme
Download Stealth | Mirror

9. Windows 7 Themepack “Sky” 2

Windows 7 logo on a beautiful blue sky. Great combination

Download Themepack | Mirror

10. The Sky Is The Limit: Aero X Final for Windows 7

Aero X is as the name suggest a full Aero theme with many transparent elements. Great theme!

Aero X
Download Aero X | Mirror


If you know of any other great Windows 7 themes with Sky wallpapers, post them below. We’ll keep you posted with new Windows 7 shell themes. So, stay tuned for a few other very beautiful themes!

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