10 Pretty Awesome Windows 7 Themes [Futuristic Shell Themes ]

If you are looking for some modern Windows 7 themes with futuristic designs and innovative ideas inspired by Tron, here are 10 very pretty Windows 7 themes that will fully customize your desktop and make it look like it’s 2020.

Modern Custom Windows 7 Themes With Futuristic Design

1. Aeromax Windows 7 Theme With Futuristic Design

A very modern design with a blue-greyish color scheme. If you like futuristic designs and don’t mind the rather large shell elements, then you will like Aeromax.
Download Aeromax | Mirror


Awesome theme! A black futuristic theme for Windows 7 with blue fonts and shell elements. I also like the design of the new taskbar icons. If you like blue/dark Windows 7 themes, then you should give this theme a try.

Download XENOMORPH | Mirror

3. Neon Custom Windows 7 Theme

A new smaller taskbar without a real Start orb. If you like simple Neon themes inspired by Tron and other futuristic movies, try this theme!

Download Neon | Mirror

4. Saetta Theme With Greyish Colors + Blue System Tray

A rather special custom theme with a blue system tray and a greyish color scheme. Good theme:

Download Saetta | Mirror

5. Windows 7 Theme : Classic NES

This is a Windows 7 themes with a NES design. If the NES was before your time, you might know what a SNES is ;)

Nintendo all over the place! The Start menu background might be a bit annoying, but overall a very nice theme with a classic Nintendo touch.

Download Modern | Mirror

6. Luminous – Top Futuristic Windows 7 Themes!

Really cool theme with very cool glow effects. If you like glow effects or the color scheme of Tron, you will probably also like like this custom theme:

Download Luminous | Mirror

7. SensationSilver – Rare Modern Silver Windows 7 Theme

Very modern, very artistic theme for Windows 7. Silver Windows 7 themes are rare. I want more themes with that color scheme!
Download Sensation | Mirror

8. SKyLiNe by bbosa: A Fully Customized Futuristic Blue Dream for Windows 7

Futuristic Aero theme with a nice blue color scheme. Loving this blue interface.

Skyline Theme
Download Skyline | Mirror

9. Modern Windows 7 Themes: FrameII Restyled

A rather unconventional custom theme is FrameII. If you like bulky designs, this is for you:

Download Frame | Mirror

10. Dark7z (unfinished Theme)

Fractcals are hot. Put this on your watchlist, could become a good theme soon! I will put some unfinished Windows 7 themes on here to motivate some people to finish their themes!

Download Dark | Mirror


Do you know of any cool futuristic Windows 7 themes? Post a link to your DeviantArt profile and we will add it to the list.

We’ll be on the lookout for more custom Windows 7 themes and will post them on our homepage soon. You can always find the latest themes here: Windows 7 Themes Net

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